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Dulles Airport provides airline services on international and domestic routes across the world. It is located in the United States and allows passengers to book their flights at lower and more affordable prices by grabbing discounts. When a customer has made a flight reservation from Dulles Airport but later faces some queries and issues relating to specific airline services. The customer finds himself in a dilemma, and a question arises: "How do I contact Dulles airport?" To get the necessary details and information about the Airport, you can connect with the customer support team and discuss your concern with the live agent.

  • Contact number of Dulles Airport: +1 703 572 2700/+1-701 877 1100.

Listen to the IVR Prompt and follow the instructions. The agent will try to respond adequately and reasonably to the issue. 

What is Dulles TSA customer service number?

To make the check-in process easy and smooth, the Airport provides TSA Security screening. The passengers will have to get their baggage checked by the TSA team. If there are any issues related to the TSA at the Airport, then you can connect by using the Phone number. 

  • Transportation Security Administration Contact Number: 866 289 9673
  • Timings to Contact: 8 am to 11 pm (weekdays), 9 am to 8 pm (weekends)

You can explain the issue to the official agent and get appropriate solutions. The Pre-Security check for international and domestic flights will differ, and the customer might need to wait for a while in the queue. 

Is Dulles airport 24/7? 

Yes, the Airport is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week for the help of the customers. It will help if you remember that the airline check-in time for international and domestic flights will vary per the scheduled departure timings. If the passenger is in the public area (i.e., landside of the terminal), they will not be allowed to enter the terminal (i.e., airside) until the morning. Before visiting the Airport, you must re-check the timings. Daily timings of the Airport are 04:00 am to 07:30 pm. 

Where is Dulles airport cell phone lot?

The airport cell phone is in an airport parking lot for a short term and is designated for people's use. There will be an alert to pick up the cell phone of arriving travelers, and it is usually free of charge. Dulles Airport is located on "Autopilot Drive." The customer must stay in the right lane, from the Dulles Access Highway or Dulles Toll Road (heading towards the Airport). Then take the SERVICES exit, keep following the ramp, and right onto the Aviation Drive. 

How early should I arrive at Dulles for international flight?

As per the general guidelines of the Airport, if the passenger has made a flight reservation for an international flight, then they must reach at least 3 hours early before the scheduled departure. If the bookings are for domestic flights, you must reach the Airport 2 hours before the scheduled departure. By arriving early, you will get enough time for check-in and collection of boarding passes. And also, you can have a smooth security screening at the Airport. 

What is the average TSA wait time at Dulles airport?

The average processing time at the Airport for TSA waiting time will vary per the busy and non-busy hours in the day. In most cases, the passengers must wait 30 minutes during the peak hour. Usually, the average time is 15 minutes in the day, and in the least busy hour, the average waiting time is less than 5 minutes. You can see the average timings table by visiting the official website of the Airport. Sometimes the traveler might even take an hour to complete the process. 

Dulles airport customs office

The customs office of the Airport is located in the Terminal Building, near Baggage Claim 14. You can ask for queries from the information desk of the Airport and get the required information. You can also choose to get connected through a Phone number. The staff will respond to you within a short while. 

  • Dulles Airport Customs office contact number: 877 227 5511 / 703 661 2800

Dulles airport baggage claim

In case the customer has lost the baggage at the Airport or got delayed or damaged. Then you must instantly contact the Lost & Found office of the Airport, either by phone number or by filling out the baggage claim form from the official website. 

  • Baggage Service Contact Number: 703 572 8479
  • Timings: Mon-Fri (8 am to 4 pm), (Closed Weekends)

Dulles airport office address

If you want to send the queries through postal mode, then you can send them to the official address of the Airport. The process might take a little time, but the agent will reach you in a few days. 

  • The official address of the Airport: 1 Saarinen Cir, Dulles, VA 20166, United States

Other necessary details: 

  • Code of the Airport: IAD
  • Official website link of the Airport: 
  • Name of the Airport: Dulles International Airport 

You can get the necessary information about the Airport from the above-given link. However, if you still need clarification, you can contact their representative through other modes of communication, such as live chat, social media, etc. 


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