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When you make a flight reservation, you have several queries such as parking information, access luggage allowance, airport lounge access, etc. You have to communicate with the representative available at the airport. Every airport gives you a representative facility, and Cologne Bonn airport is one of them. While making the bookings through this airport, you can avail of different services. If you have any issues, such as damaged property, lost luggage, etc., you can also take assistance from the representative. If you do not have information about How do I contact Cologne Bonn Airport, then by reading below you need to read below. 

Cologne Bonn Airport customer service phone number

Cologne Bonn Airport is one of the finest airports, and multiple passengers travel with this airport regularly. They provide different contact numbers to manage those passengers and provide suitable solutions for the queries. If you call these numbers, you will directly connect with the expert on that query. A few of the common numbers of CGN airport are then read below.

  • For General Information: +49 2203 404001/+1-888-206-5328
  • For airport parking: +49 2203 40-2122 and +49 2203 40-5786
  • For sound Insulation and passive noise protection: +49 (0)2203 40-4064
  • For baggage tracking: +49 2203 9551544
  • For porter services: +49 (0)2203 40-2152 and +49 (0)2203 40-5075
  • For accessibility and mobility help: 02203 40 4322
  • For online check-in: 02203 40 4322
  • To contact Airport police: +49(0) 2212296-630
  • For customs: +49 (0)2203 91243 and +49 (0)2203 91244-10
  • For Business Aviation center: +049 2203 95 999 0

Best time to contact Cologne Bonn airport customer service

The best time to connect with the representative is between 06:00 AM to 10:30 AM; in these times, less passenger travel, so we can avoid the call hold issue. Still, if you connect with the representative in peak season or during a long holiday period, you can face the hold issue even in these times.

Cologne bonn airport waiting time, cologne airport address

The wait time at the airport will vary as per the type of flight and the destination. Still, if you are going to any international destination, you need to wait around 30 minutes; if you go to any domestic destination, you have to wait for 15 to 20 minutes. But at the time of COVID, this time will increase to half an hour, so if any severe condition arises, the time will increase. 

Cologne airport opening hours

Cologne international airport operates 24 hours, 7 days a week, but a few departments operate only between 06 AM to 10:00 PM, such as the customs department, services for visitors, etc. 

Lost and Found Phone Number on Cologne Bonn Airport

After reaching the airport and before completing the check-in, if you lost any of your property and if your luggage is misplaced. Then you have to inform the representative, and they will help you recover it. As quickly as you inform the representative, the representative will take appropriate action to track your luggage. You can also contact the lost and found department by calling +49 2203 9551544 to give detailed information about your luggage. After this, the representative will connect with you and assist you accordingly.

How Many Airlines Fly From And To Cologne Bonn Airport

Cologne airport is one of the finest airports in Germany as there are more the 120 destinations where the passenger can fly through this airport. There are more than 21 airlines that serve their services through this airport. 

How long does it take to get through Cologne airport? 

The time to get through to Cologne airport will vary from place to place, but still, if you are in the main city, you can reach the airport within 20 to 25 minutes. 

Does Bonn, Germany, have an international airport?

Yes, Germany has an international airport named Cologne Bonn airport, so if you travel from any international destination to Germany, you use this airport. This is nearly about 15 to 20 km away from Cologne city. 

How many terminals does Cologne Bonn Airport have?

Cologne Bonn international airport has two terminals: old terminal 1 and new terminal 2. The terminal number is mentioned on the flight ticket or boarding pass. Still, sometimes the terminal changes due to air traffic, bad weather, etc., so you can confirm the terminal by connecting with the airline's representative. 

Cologne Bonn airport office address 

If you have any document which you want to show to the representative of the airport or if you want to send your query through the mail, then you can also do it. You can use the below mention address if you want to share your question through this mode. 

Ankunft/Parterre, Kennedystraße, 51147 Köln, Germany

Cologne Bonn international airport code: CGN

Services offered by Cologne Bonn international airport are below mention.

You will receive multiple services if you make the flight reservation through this airport. If you want to know about these services, then you need to read below. 

  • If you cannot make the flight reservation online, you can also purchase it through the airport counter of Cologne Bonn international airport. 
  • After making the flight reservations, if several passengers want to modify their bookings, such as flight upgrade, cancelation, rescheduling, etc., they can do it through this airport. 
  • If you are traveling with any physically disabled passenger or passenger who needs any airport assistance, you can apply for it through the airport. 
  • You will also get the benefit of airport parking as if you reach the airport in your vehicle and want to park it in airport parking; you can avail of this facility. 
  • While traveling through this airport, if you lost any of your property before check-in, you need to inform the representative, who will help you. 
  • You will get information about the hotel and staying places near the airport by connecting with the representative. If you want, you can also make the bookings through the airport representative.


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