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Passengers often have multiple queries, such as flight status, lounge access, lost baggage details, etc., so they want to communicate with the representative available at the airport. Most airport provides representative facilities, and Alicante Airport in Spain is one of them. Several flights serve their services at this airport regularly. If any passenger has any query, they want to communicate with their representative, but they cannot do it due to lack of information; then by reading below, they will get complete details. 

Mediums to reach Alicante airport customer service are below.

Several options are available through which you can communicate with the Alicante airport representative, but if you do not know about these modes, you have to read below. 

Use contact number: Communicating with the representative on call is always a time-saving mode as you can avoid the process and receive solutions to the queries hassle-free. You must dial (34) 913 211 000 to communicate with the representative on call and then choose the comfortable connecting language. After this, you have to follow the instructions of IVR, which are mentioned below.

  • Select 1 For any special assistance in the bookings 
  • Select 3 for information about lost baggage or damaged property
  • Select 5 to know about the availability of parking and their charges
  • Select 7 to learn about lounge access
  • Select # to communicate with the representative

Communicate on chat: While communicating with the representative on Alicante airport free phone, you can use the alternative mode: chat if you are facing any long call hold or voice break issues. But to communicate on the chat, follow the process mentioned below. 

  • Open the website of Alicante airport in your browser 
  • Then click the contact us option and locate the chat section 
  • Following this, you need to fill out the flight reservations information, such as the date and time of the flight 
  • Further, you need to mention the passenger's name, contact number, email id, etc., and then fill out the query
  • Last, you have to send that query and instantly receive its solutions. 

Contact on social media handles: The page of Alicante airport is available on different social media handles where you can send your queries to the representative. For this, you have to open Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, then in the message section, mention the complete query and send it. The representative active on that application will provide you with all the solutions related to the query. 

Is Alicante airport customer service available 24 hours? 

Yes, several flights operate late at night or early morning; due to these flights, Alicante Airport customer service is available 24 hours. Getting the facility of a representative for 24 hours will help you as you can communicate with the representative anytime and get possible solutions. 

What is the email address for Alicante Airport?

While sending your queries to the representative, if you want to share any query-related document, you can use the email option. You have to click on this and then compose an email in which you need to mention the complete query with travel details. Then you have to send that email, and you will receive its solutions within 24 hours of sending the query. 

How do I contact Alicante Airport security?

If you have any query related to airport security, the document needed at the time of check-in, timings of check-in, then you can take assistance from their representative. You have to call this number (34) 913 211 000 and choose the option relevant to your issue. Doing this, the security representative at Alicante airport will connect with you and provide a query-related solution. 

What is the number of lost and found at Alicante airport?

Suppose you are at Alicante Airport and you are realizing any item of yours that has been lost or you have found someone else's item, and you look forward to finding a way to inform the airport staff or a way to find out the lost and found number. So, you can dial (+34) 913 211 000, and an executive will be assigned to provide you answers. But you have to make sure to choose an appropriate IVR to get a live person; have a look:

  • Press 0 and select your regional language. 

  • Press 2 to book your flight. 

  • Press 3 to cancel the flight. 

  • Press 5 to request special assistance. 

  • Press 7 to get a live person. 

  • Press 9 for other options. 

What are the operating hours for Alicante Airport?

There is always concern raised by passengers to inquire about Alicante Airport's customer service or operating hours. Because passengers complain that customer executives do not respond to their calls or text messages, that is because you might be trying to reach out to them during their off-hours. So, to avoid this issue, you are suggested to go through the [points mentioned below:

  • You must never forget that operating hours are 6 AM- 11:30 PM from Monday to Sunday. 

  • You are always suggested to get in touch during these hours so the executive can get in touch with you and provide resolutions. 

How far in advance do I have to be at Alicante airport?

There are general rules and regulations that the airport sets for passengers so they don't fall into a missed flight-like situation. Because in the past, they have experienced many passengers complaining about missing their flight as they were late reaching out to the airport to board their flights. So, you are advised to read out the points carefully to be aware of these facts:

  • If you have an International flight, the airport suggests you be there at least 3 hours before your planned or scheduled flight. 

  • For domestic flight travelers, you must be there at least 2 hours before the flight so you can get a proper, hassle-free security check. 

  • Reaching late and boarding a flight late might carry some additional charges by airline as a fine. So, to avoid them, you must keep all these facts in your tips. 

How many passengers go through Alicante airport?

There is a general query that passengers frequently ask about how many passengers use its services, so you are advised to read out the points mentioned below:

  • As per the recent report released, over 3 lakhs of passengers use this airport annually, and it is estimated that this number will indeed be increased by the following year. 

  • If you want to get more information about the airport, you are recommended to visit the airport's official website to view all the latest reports and data by which your doubts will be cleared. 

How many boarding gates are there at Alicante Airport?

If your flight is scheduled from the concerned airport and you want to know your boarding gate also how many boarding gates there are so you can have an idea about where exactly you have to check in at the airport, to know this, you are advised to go through the points:

  • You can find around 26 boarding gates at the airport. 

  • If you want to check in, you are suggested to get in with the airline to inquire about your concerned boarding gate so you can board the flight on time. 

What is the Alicante airport address?

Passengers are always advised to be aware of the airport's address so they get through the airport and reach their destination effortlessly without any hassle. So, you are suggested to look at the airport's address mentioned below; have a look:

  • 03195 L'Altet, Alicante, Spain 


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