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After booking the flight tickets and gathering information about all the things related to the flight. You start to prepare for the flight and make things ready but doing that you might need to get information about many procedures from which you have to go through. However, if you want to know How do I call Incheon Airport? Because you have to get a flight from the Airport, then it becomes necessary that you should know all the contact details of the Airport so that you can contact them in case of any issues. The customer support of Incheon Airport will help you with all your queries and help in making your trip pleasant and comfortable. Further in this read, we will discuss all the tiny details that are mandatory for you to know. Some of the contact details of the Airport are given below:

  • Airport Address - 272 Gonghang-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon, South Korea

  • Email Address -

How do I contact Incheon Customs?

If you are at the Airport and have lost some of the things that you brought at the Airport and now cannot find it. In such situations, you need to contact the Airport customer support so that they can help in finding your belongings. However, for that, you must have their lost and found counter and other numbers that can be useful at the Airport:

  • Lost and Found - 032- 741- 3110/ 3114/ 8991/ 8992

  • Airport Information - 82-2- 1577 -2600

  • Report theft or crime - 032- 740- 0112

  • Volunteer Center - 032- 741- 3555, 032- 741- 8987

  • Medical Facilities - 032- 743- 3119, 032- 743- 7080

  • Currency Exchange - 032- 743- 2220, 032- 875- 1111

  • Luggage Queries - 1644- 7146

  • Tax Refund - 032- 743- 0647

  • Immigration Service - 032- 740- 7362

How long to clear immigration at Incheon Airport?

When you arrive at the Airport before anything else, you must go through the Immigration process without this. The country will not permit entry. While going through this procedure, you must have Incheon Airport Immigration office contact and all the mandatory documents without any error. It usually takes 35 to 40 minutes in this procedure if your baggage arrives on time and your documents are clear.

Do they speak English in Incheon Airport?

When you arrive at the Incheon Airport, the first thing for any help you might need is help with the language. If you will not be able to understand the language, how will you be able to resolve other issues? However, you do not have to be stressed about that as you will get language assistance at the Airport. Japanese, English, and Chinese language assistance will help you.

How long does it take to go through customs at Incheon?

After arriving at the Incheon Airport, you must know that you must go through some customs and formalities before entering South Korea. Therefore it will take a maximum of 45 minutes to one hour for these customs and formalities to end, and you can enter tension-free in the country.

What are the services that Incheon Airport offers?

There are many services that the Incheon Airport offers, and if you get any issues or want to enquire about them, you can get to the related counters and resolve your issues:

  • Lost and Found -  If you lost any of your belongings at the Airport, you can contact the lost and found services and provide the details.

  • Language Assistance - You will get English, Chinese, and Japanese language assistants at the Airport.

  • Currency Exchange - To survive in a new country, it is mandatory that you should have the currency of them.

  • Baggage Checkroom - You can collect your baggage from the baggage checkroom after the security check.

  • Parking Services - The Airport has large parking areas which you can use.

  • ATMs - You can access ATMs at the Airport available at a proper distance.

  • Water Service - Water refill stations will be available at the Airport.


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