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Guidelines on Travelling with United Airlines from IAD Airport 

The person who plans to fly from IAD Airport on a United Airlines flight may wish to collect the essential information related to their travel. If you want a smooth flight journey, you will have to plan the travel in advance and consider picking out the contact number of the different departments. There can be chances you have an issue while traveling, and hope to know how can I contact United Airlines IAD Airport to avoid this situation. Here the guidelines for your travel have been given.

IAD Airport Information required for your Travel

Below are some airport information is listed that you will require for your travel:

Airport Name :- Dulles International Airport

Airport Address:- 1 Saarinen Cir, Dulles, VA 20166, United States

Airport Code:- IAD 

Airport WMO Code:- 72403

Airport Website:- 

Which Terminal is used by United Airlines at IAD Airport?

To board your flight, if you think, what Terminal is United Airlines at Dulles? IAD Airport has a single main terminal with different concourses, and United Airlines uses Concourse C for operating their flights. Both domestic and international flights operate at the main terminal and at the same concourse. 

How can I call United Airlines at Dulles Airport?

If you wish to know how you can reach a person in United Airlines at Dulles Airport, you will have to call on the United Airlines Dulles Airport phone number: +1703-572-2700. You can talk with the live official on the call after choosing the required option on the call. 

What services does United Airlines offer at IAD Airport?

The services which United Airlines offer at IAD Airport to its customers are:

  • To get a reservation and acquire reservation-related information.
  • To manage your booked flight.
  • To cancel a flight ticket. 
  • To add services to your flight. 
  • To get access to the lounge at the airport. 
  • To take info of baaggage allowance.
  • To take information on flying with a pet. 

Where is the baggage claim for United Airlines present at Dulles Airport?

If you are wondering where you can reach for the baggage claim, the United baggage claim Dulles Airport is in the main terminal building at the lower level. 

If you need to contact the baggage claim department to obtain some information related to baggage allowance, adding excess baggage, or other details, you can use United Baggage Claim Dulles phone number: 1-800-335-2247. Calling on this number, you will get an official who will provide you with the information you want related to the baggage. 

Where to contact for a lost item at the airport?

If you lose an item while traveling on a United Airlines flight at the IAD Airport, then you have to either contact a person at the help desk using the phone number: (703)661-4729. Or you can also submit an online lost item form.

Report Lost Item: 

When can I check in for my flight at IAD Airport?

If you have a domestic flight, then you have to check in 2 hours earlier than the departure time of your United Flight. If you have an international United flight, then you need to check in at IAD Airport 3 hours earlier from the departure time. 


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