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Curated information to Contact United Airlines at Madison Airport

Madison airport provides services for both the military and civilians. Not many airlines operate from this airport. One of the most traveled airlines is United which provides flights to multiple destinations via Madison airport. Many passengers whose United flights are scheduled from Madison airport often search “How Can I Contact United Airlines at Madison Airport?” in order to gather information about various services like parking, special assistance, currency exchange, etc. If you are also looking for similar information, then you must refer to the below-mentioned information to clarify your doubts and get all the relevant details. 

How to call United Airlines at Madison airport?

If you wish to contact the airport to clarify your special assistance confusion, then you can reach them (+1-888-206-5328) during their operating hours by dialing the official phone number: 608-246-3380.

The call will be answered by an automated voice to get in contact with the corresponding representative; it is essential that the callers obey the instructions generated. In the following section, you will get detailed information to get through different airport representatives according to different departments.

Crucial details to get in touch with United Airlines at Madison airport

United airlines reservation contact number: (800) 864-8331

Madison airport's official website:

United airline's official website:

United airlines lost and found department: (608) 249-8123

Parking-related information: (608) 246-3394

Lost and found department of the airport contact number: (608) 661-4809 / (802) 432-2552

TSA contact number: (608) 661-4891

Operating time: from 8 am to 4.15 pm. 

United Airlines Madison Office Address: Situated near Gate number 8 and 9 of the airport and operates from 8 am to 4.30 pm. 

Different mediums to get in contact with United Airlines at Madison airport

  • Drop a letter: If you wish to complain or you have some feedback that you think must reach airport representatives, then you must write a letter describing your concerns and send it to the following official address. Also, you must enclose the copies of supporting and verifying documents:

    Dane County Regional Airport

    4000 International Lane

    Madison, WI 53704

  • Send an email to Madison airport: In cases where you wish to complain formally, or you want a digital approach to send your verifying documents to support your concern, then you can use this approach and drop an email to: It will take 7-14 business days to receive a revert. 

  • Use social media to get a solution to your query: The quickest medium that generates answers to terminate the issues of customers is social media. They can post their queries or drop messages on the following platforms, and they will obtain assistance within a few minutes:




Services offered by United Airlines at Madison airport

Many travelers, before reaching the airport, are curious to know what are the services that are delivered at Madison airport. If your flight is also scheduled from Madison airport and you also wish to know about the same, then you must know that there are multiple services that are available at the airport. You can reach the airport counter to seek assistance or to eliminate your query regarding the same. A quick overview of the same is described below:

  • Currency exchange services.

  • Parking facility.

  • Atm and banks.

  • Free WIFI-services to the passengers.

  • Different gift shops and boutiques.

  • Spa facilities.

  • Lounge services.

  • Multiple dining options.

  • Special-assistance services.

  • Flight reservation and rescheduling guidance.

  • Lost and found department.

  • Luggage-related assistance.

  • Shutter buses to drop passengers to the aircraft.

  • Trolley availability to carry your luggage

  • Taxi/car rental services. 

Some of the frequently asked questions about Madison airport

What is the operating terminal of United airlines at Madison airport?

The most searched question before reaching airport by the customers is about United Terminal,

Though the flights operate from the main terminal of the airport, there are certain conditions like construction at the airport or emergency situations that lead to changes at the last moment. In that case, it is advisable to check the information online or contact customer services to get the exact details. 

Does Madison have a cell phone lot?

Yes, a free waiting area is available for the people who come to the airport to drop off or to receive their friends or family members. It is situated at a minimum distance from the airport terminal. 

Can the Fax be sent to Madison airport?

Yes, it is possible to send a fax to madison at 608-246-3385. 

What airlines fly out of Madison, Wisconsin?

Following airlines fly out of Madison airport:

  • American Airlines

  • Delta 

  • Frontier

  • Sun Country

  • United Airlines

How to navigate Madison airport United Airlines terminal directions?

If you are searching for the United terminal at Madison, then you can either contact customer services, or you can reach ground staff that will help you in navigating through the airline terminal. To reach United Airlines to Madison Airport (MSN), passengers can also take help from the airport counter. 


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