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Southwest Airlines is an airline that has its headquarters in the United States of America. The Airline is considered one of the safest airlines in America. They take proper safety measures before take-off to ensure the safety of their passengers. You can catch flights from multiple locations in and out of America. ONT Airport is one such Airport that welcomes Southwest. If you want to take a flight from ONT airport and looking for necessary information for that. You can take the help of this blog.

What Time Does the Southwest Airlines Counter Open at Ontario Airport?

Passengers who have not booked a flight online. You can also visit directly at the Airport and book your ticket here. If you want to book tickets for Southwest Airlines, you are advised to visit Terminal 3. The ticket counter of Southwest at ONT airport remains open 24 hours a day. You can visit at any time at your convenience hour and book your flight from the Airport.

Does Southwest Airlines fly to ONT airport? 

Southwest provides its flight services to various routes in and out of America. ONT Airport is also one of them where passengers can catch the flight of the respective Airline. You can visit at any time at the Airport to book your ticket or an online ticket from or for ONT Airport.

What Terminal is Southwest at Ontario, CA airport?

Travelers who have booked their flight journey with Southwest Airlines might want to know the Terminal the Airline uses. You must not be late to catch your flight. The Airline will not allow you to board the flight if check-in time passes. You are supposed to visit the Ontario airport Southwest terminal departures from Terminal 4. Here you can catch the flights.

How do I claim baggage at ONT airport?

Passengers may have missed their baggage at the Airport, or you may not find your luggage at the time of leaving the Airport. In such a case, you can connect yourself with the Airport officials and report a complaint about your missing bags. There are several ways at Ontario airport southwest baggage claim that you can use to get your luggage back:

Phone calls- Passengers can call the Airport’s officials. The officials will help you with your concern. You are supposed to call the Airport from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm from Monday to Friday. The office is not open on weekends and public holidays. The phone number of the lost and found team is 909-544-5128. Dial the number and discuss your concern with the team.

Email- The offices of lost and found airports are closed on weekends and public holidays. If you want to tell the officials about your concern at this time, you can use the email options. You can email them at at any time of day. The team will connect you back within 24 hours.

At the Airport- Travelers can also use offline mode to connect themselves to the representative of the Airport. If you are at the Airport and not finding your bags. You can go to the team lost and found of the respective Airline available at the Airport. 

What lot is Southwest Airlines at Ontario Airport?

The Airline uses Terminal 4 for its flight. You are supposed to visit here to get your flight. If you have made your booking in Southwest. It is situated in the Inland Empire, around 35 miles east away from downtown Los Angeles in the middle of Southern California.

What is the address of the Ontario Airport office?   

Travelers who have booked their flights from Ontario Airport must look for the Southwest Airlines Ontario Airport Office to reach there on time. You can use the address below to reach the Airport.

                     1923 East Aviation Street,

                      Ontario, CA 91761

What is the terminal 4 address at the Airport?

If you are planning to fly with Southwest Airlines, you will get your flight to Terminal 4. Visit the address below to get to Terminal 4.

               2900E. Airport Drive

               Ontario, CA 91761

What is the transport option at the Airport?

You might feel jet lag after your travel, and you might want to know about the available transport options at the Airport in order to reach your destination with comfort. Here are some of the available options that you can use:

Rental car- The Airport is flooded with several rental car companies choosing one of them for your trip. You can book your car even before visiting the Airport. To book a vehicle for rent, you can see the official page of the Airport and select the car company of your choice and then make the payment, and your car will reach you at your decided time.

Trains- It is one of the fastest modes of transportation to reach the Airport. You can save yourself from the city traffic. It is also quick and economical.

Bus- Several buses provide shuttle tours between hotels and airports. If you stay in the hotel, you can use the bus service.


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