How do I contact Dubai Airport Lost and Found

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Ultimate necessary steps when you lost your luggage at the Dubai Airport

Dubai Airport is regarded as one of the busiest international air traffic hubs, where many prominent Airlines serve its flights. It is denoted with DXB and is a part of the Middle East region. If fliers travel somewhere from Dubai International Airport and lose their bags or personal items, they must read this article in detail to tackle such problems efficiently.

How do I contact Lost and Found Dubai Airport?

If fliers travel to Dubai International Airport for flight services and lose their luggage, they must take the help of a fastest medium which is Phone to contact live executives. Also, passengers can call the Dubai International customer services number at +971 4 224 5555/+971 (0)4 224 5383/042245555 and follow the essential steps for easy connection with representatives.

  • Travelers can call the DXB customer center.
  • Fliers can choose the preferred language.
  • Now, they can wait on call for live agents' presence.
  • Travelers can inquire regarding their lost baggage from the Airport executives.
  • Passengers must tell the travel date, flight number, name, and baggage identity in detail.
  • The dedicated representatives will offer possible help regarding fliers' lost baggage.

However, the expert Airport agents are active for 24 hours and ready to help travelers regarding baggage problems.

How do I claim lost baggage at Dubai airport?

Dubai International Airport understands travelers' personal item loss problems. So, to minimize such issues, the renowned Airport offers a lost baggage facility where travelers must claim their lost baggage or items with specific details below.

  • Travelers can go to the Dubai International Airport/DXB standard website
  • Now, fliers click on the "Lost and Found" options from the "Before You Fly" menu bar.
  • Passengers must click on "Lost and Found" and fill in some essential item details.
  • They can mention case information about products like item type, color, size, brand, and incident date.
  • Fliers must also tell their name, email, country, mobile, flight number, terminal, and location.
  • At last, they can submit their baggage claim.

One of the representatives of the Airport will analyze travelers' baggage claims and will reach them within approximately 7 to 10 working days.

Where is the lost and found office at Dubai Airport?

Fliers often want to know the exact lost and found Dubai Airport offices to recover their items. Dubai Airport's lost and found office addresses are

  • Dubai Airport Terminal 1 and 3 Departure, Al Twar, UAE.

Local police handle these Airports and collect missing items with the help of available executives.

How can I find my lost item at Dubai Airport?

If fliers lose their items, they can call the Dubai Airport executives and ask for assistance. However, when agents are busy and respond to travelers' lost and baggage problems slowly, they can contact live agents via WhatsApp or Online Chat services. They can also claim for their missing items and ask for compensation from the Airport executives.

How long does it take to recover lost luggage at Dubai airport?

Almost every traveler thinks about what exact days it will take to recover their missing items or luggage at Dubai Airport. Normally, the Airport takes 3 to 7 working days to process or find out the missing items or baggage for passengers


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