How do I report lost baggage on Frontier Airlines

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Smooth instructions to report missing baggage on Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines allows passengers to carry luggage and checked bags. But, passengers need to buy the extra space by paying a fee based on the route and destination. A small personal item that can fit under the seat is free of cost. The airline keeps the luggage safe. But if you have misplaced the baggage at the airport and onboard. Frontier agents will help you get in touch with a lost bag or object. 

Does Frontier Airlines lose baggage?

The airline is least likely to damage, delay, and lost baggage. Frontier Airlines delivers the bags to passengers in the same conditions as bags checked at the airport. In case your luggage is misplaced, the airline will help you find it. Travelers need to report about it. 

How do I report a lost bag on Frontier?

Passengers need to report the missing luggage within 12 hours of their flight arriving at the destination. Follow the steps shared below: 

  • Visit the website of the airline. 
  • Click on the Customer Support. 
  • Choose the Lost and Found option. 
  • Select the “Report an item left onboard.”
  • Fill out the details. 
  • Click on the submit button. 

You have to share detailed descriptions on the Lost Item Report form. Descriptive information helps the airline identify your object. Passengers must mention the flight number and date when their item was lost. You need to complain to the authorities as soon as possible. In case of a delayed complaint, chances of recovery are decreased. 

When the airline finds the luggage that matches the information of your lost object, Lost and Found will contact you via Email to verify and arrange for shipping. 

What number do I call for lost baggage on Frontier?

Suppose you have any issues, flyers can contact customer support for immediate help. Passengers can send emails. To send the mail, you have to follow the instructions shared below: 

  • Visit the website of the airline. 
  • Click on the Contact Us. 
  • Go to the Need Assistance option. 
  • Choose the Email Us choice. 
  • Scroll down and fill out the details asked by the airline. 
  • Click on the Submit button. 

You will be responded to within 24 hours by the agents. If you don’t find a revert from the Lost and Found, check the spam or junk folder and verify the email address. 

Can I get compensation for delayed/lost baggage on Frontier? 

Travelers have shared the delayed/lost baggage. You need to fill out the compensation form. The airline will take around 30 days for a thorough search. If no item is found that matches the description, you will be shared the mail that we are not able to locate your object. 

How much does Frontier pay for lost luggage?

Your luggage is lost, and the airline is liable to pay to compensate you. Frontier Airlines will compensate you up to $ 3,500. You need to provide the documents requested by the agents. 

Can I check the updated report of a lost item?

Passengers need the last name and report lost ID. To check the updated status, you have to follow the instructions shared below: 

  • Go to the official website. 
  • Select customer support. 
  • Choose the Lost and Found option. 
  • Click on Update My Report. 
  • Share the details to log in. 


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