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Iberia Airlines accepts booking requests at the lowest rate by the passengers who are curious to go to their splendid destination. They understand the customer service process of Iberia Airlines when they find fewer mistakes in the booking and do wait for the final result from the brilliant customer representative team.

Seek relevant guidance if Iberia loses the luggage

If you are one of them and looking for the best assistance for the luggage you lose during your flight journey, you will get full support in rapidly finding your luggage. Feel independent of dialing 24 hours Iberia phone lost luggage for luggage assistance. Select your preferred language to ask your question about lost luggage and acquire brilliant answers in a piece of helpful information from the best customer representative smoothly.

What happens if Iberia loses my luggage?

Iberia is in a compelling atmosphere and does everything possible to deliver exemplary customer service when you experience any trouble during or after the flight. Hence, if you are confronting minor trouble and don’t know what happens if Iberia loses my luggage, you are mature enough to gain a few possible points from the deft customer representative who can assist you politely.

  • When you reach your destination but don’t find your luggage on the spot, you must fill out a claim form with an effective date and time of travel.
  • Iberia allows you to claim lost luggage that you can get within 10 to 21 days and gain decent advice to find your luggage soon.
  • If you are unable to find your luggage within 21 days, and if it is considered a lost item, in such a case, you will make a new claim with the airline.
  • You must mention all the lost items in the claim, and don’t forget to enter the prices along with the flight purchase dates in the form proficiently. 

Let’s know how Iberia lost luggage Tracking:

When you lose your luggage during your flight journey and fill out a claim form, the airline will provide you with a tracking option using online services. You need to select Iberia lost luggage Tracking and enter the flight booking information and check your luggage in the tracking system accordingly. If you wish to know the process of tracking your luggage with Iberia Airlines, go through the steps provided by the professional team.

  • First, make it possible to visit the booking website using your browser and go to the log-in booking page.
  • After entering the correct credential, go to the booking account and select the manage booking tab.
  • Select the worldwide computerized baggage tracing system and check the status of your delayed bag on the link.
  • Go to official page and enter the passenger’s name, valid address, and flight information into the fields.
  • You must enter the bag type details into the required field and decently go through the tracking system.

How can I recover an Iberia lost suitcase at the airport?

It is important to learn the logical things when you lost baggage at the airport or airline. When you misplace your suitcase at the airport, you should get in touch with a customer representative who is available in providing you with smooth guidance to recover a lost suitcase at the airport quickly. If you wish to ask how can I recover an Iberia lost suitcase at the airport, achieve proper advice and information to get the lost suitcase at the airport quickly.

Here are the ways to recover Iberia lost suitcase at the airport:

  • First, go to the booking website and click on the log-in button to access your booking website using its credentials.
  • Select manage booking and enter the certain reservation number and last name of the passenger into the required fields.
  • You can select the luggage option and choose suite to claim and enter the passenger details and select the suitcase to recover at the airport.
  • Iberia Airlines allows you to go to the check-in desk agent, which could be your fastest option to recover your suitcase with the items.
  • You will get the message of suitcase recovery on your registered mobile phone that you can show to the agent at the check-in counter.

If you wish to get complete guidance, you should contact the best customer representative team that is available to assist you at the right time.

How long does it take to find a lost suitcase in Iberia?

When you lost your suitcase in Iberia and filled a claim to find it again soon, you must be aware of the correct timing determined with the process of lost baggage request smoothly. Your lost bags are found and delivered within the following 72 hours, and sometimes it might take at least 48 hours to find a lost suitcase in Iberia Airlines smoothly. If you wish to get complete guidance and help for the lost baggage and want to check your clothes on your back, contact the best customer representative team to assist you at your suitable time ideally.

Iberia Lost Baggage Policy

Iberia Airlines has made sure that the customers get the best facility. That is the reason they have made customer-friendly policies for the customers. Ensure that you have walked through the procedure and the conditions below. Then your issue is going to be resolved shortly.

The baggage policy of Iberia Airline:

You can go through the Iberia lost baggage policy below. Then your issue can claim your lost baggage once you have walked through the below steps. Then your case will be cleared, and you'll be able to claim your luggage if the airline cannot find it.

  • In case of lost baggage, you need to ensure that you have got in touch with the help desk of Iberia Airlines at the airport. 
  • Make sure you have filled out the Property irregularity report (PIR) before leaving the airport. 
  • The airline will look after the form you have filled out and ensure that you receive your baggage as soon as possible. 
  • You must ensure that you have also shown your travel documents to the executive at the helpdesk. 
  • In case you have taken the travel insurance offered to you by Iberia Airlines, you'll be able to get more facilities related to the lost baggage coverage. 
  • You need to ask Iberia Airlines about any insurance company report. 
  • Insurance companies will ensure that you get coverage for the lost baggage. 
  • Make sure that you contact the customer service team in case you have not been able to connect with the help desk. 

Iberia Airlines uses the tracing system, which is used by over 160 airlines. Through that, they'll ensure you get the baggage without any issue. It would help if you made sure you walked through the steps mentioned ahead. Then you'll be able to claim your luggage. You can even phone up on the Iberia lost baggage phone number. Then you won't face any issues.

How Do I Claim Delayed Baggage Iberia?

Procedure to claim the delayed baggage with Iberia Airlines:

To claim your baggage, you must ensure that you have walked through the steps provided ahead. You must first ensure that you have filled out the form regarding the lost luggage at the counter. You can also get updates about the status of your baggage online through the official website. However, if you're still thinking, "How do I claim delayed baggage Iberia?" Then you need to fill up the compensation form. For that, you need to walk through the step-by-step guide below to fill out the baggage claim state.

  • You need to get on the official Iberia Airlines website. 
  • Now in the search bar, you need to mention "Baggage" care. 
  • Select the button for search. 
  • On the new page, click the link to Baggage care. 
  • Choose the option of "Complete this form." 
  • That is it. Fill out the form. 
  • Once you have filled it, your query will be resolved because the customer service team will ensure that you get compensation for the lost baggage. 

So, if you wanted to ask or have a doubt, "How do I claim delayed baggage Iberia?" Then make it certain that you have followed the directions provided above. Soon, your issue will be fixed.

Iberia Airline's Baggage Compensation

Under EC 261, if your check-in luggage is lost, then the Iberia airline will be liable to give you compensation. You'll be entitled to get the compensation of around 1300 Euros. To get the balance in case of lost baggage, follow the guide below.

  • Contact the executive from Iberia Airlines.
  • Contact the EU member state airline regulation through the European consumer centers Network. 
  • You can fill out the lost baggage form available on the official website.
  • Once you follow any of the above three steps, you'll get compensation for the lost baggage

How much financial compensation do I get for lost luggage Iberia?

Flyers will get financial help depending on their loss based on the baggage lost or items damaged and the value of their product. So, passengers may be shared up to 1,131 special drawing rights per passenger. 

Moreover, you may be shared the following alternatives will be applied: 

  • Repair of the damaged item
  • Replacement for a similar item

But in order to get the amount, it is mandatory you fill out the compensation form before the deadline: 

  • Delay . . . . . . 21 days
  • Missing bag . . . . . . 21 days
  • Damage . . . . .. 7 days

Follow the guidelines shared below for the claim: 

  • Prior to submitting an Iberia compensation for lost luggage, the airlines require to search for the luggage and deliver it to the travelers at the earliest. 
  • When a bag is missing for more than 21 days after the complaint, it is considered lost, and you are entitled to compensation. 
  • For a compensation claim, you need to file a Baggage Irregularity Report within 7 days of arrival flights. 
  • All the relevant documents are required for the to get the compensation, and if the report isn't submitted within the time frame, the airline can decline your request. 
  • After submitting the report, you must wait for Iberia Airlines to locate the luggage. 



Iberia compensated for the lost luggage. If passengers' baggage is damaged, delayed, or lost, Iberia compensates for the bags. The airline pays up to $ 1400. Make sure that defect should not be the inherent defect because you will not be entitled to any compensation in that case. The inherent defect is if something is wholly or partially defective can be defective design, artistry, or material used. 

Lost luggage needs to be reported to get compensation. Follow the simple steps to report the luggage: 

  • Go to the desk at the airport arrivals lounge. 
  • Fill out the Property Irregularity Report (PIR). 
  • Make sure you have all the required documents. 

It is mandatory to fill out the form before leaving the airport. The airline uses the tracing system, so most return the bags within 24 hours. If you have any issues, you can contact a live representative at the airport or customer support number.

Iberia compensates for delayed luggage. However, you will not be shared the claim if: 

  • Scratches, small marks, and minor damages can cause during normal transit conditions. The airline isn't responsible for the normal wear and tear due to transfer at airport facilities. 
  • Iberia isn't responsible for deteriorating fragile, perishable, and valuable items like jewelry and unsuitable containers or important documents. 

However, the airline suggests flyers with travel insurance when their policy offers better coverage than the airline gets the claim from the insurer. The airline will offer the report with proof of loss or delay. 

The airline delivers the luggage to the passenger's address within 72 hours due to the fastest tracing system to find and deliver the lost baggage. Moreover, you can check the luggage location through WorldTracer, a computerized baggage tracking service that offers real-time information. For more information, you can visit the website. During urgencies, you can dial the Iberia contact number (+1) 800 772 4642 for assistance. 

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