What happens if United Lost my Luggage

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A complete guide for your lost baggage at United Airlines 

United Airlines is a major American airline, headquartered in Chicago. The airline operates flights to over 238 domestic destinations and 118 international destinations in 48 countries. With the ever-expanding network and fleet size, the airline continues to grow and offers one of the best services to the passengers traveling with them. 

If you lost your baggage while traveling with United Airlines, you do not have to worry, as United Airlines lost baggage policy comes to the rescue. Here is all the information you need for your lost bags. 

How do I complain about a lost bag on United Airlines?

While traveling with United Airlines, if you have lost your baggage, then immediately report it to customer service, and they will provide assistance in finding it. There are three possible modes available through which you can register a complaint about the lost bag, including the official website, phone number, and the airport. Go through the given information to learn about their process and use the preferred mode:

Via official website - The easiest and fastest way to report the airline for lost baggage is through the official website. You need to fill out all the required details along with the baggage information, and the airline will find it within a few days. Below are the instructions to file a complaint through the official website:

  • Go to the official webpage of United Airlines.
  • Open the "Help Center" page.
  • After that, you have to click on the option to report a complaint for lost luggage.
  • Type the booking information on the form and mention the details about the luggage.
  • After you submit the form, the airline will contact you as soon as they find the item.

Via Phone number - Another mode to complain about lost luggage on United Airlines is to call the baggage recovery center (+1-800-335-2247). When you get a hold of the representative, discuss the details about the lost baggage, and they will assist you in finding it. To use this method, you need to follow the given steps:

  • Call the United Airlines baggage recovery phone number.
  • Press the button to report a lost bag.
  • Within a few minutes, the call will get through to customer service.
  • Then you have to share the flight details and provide information on the lost bag.
  • The representative will register your complaint, and the customer service team will locate your lost bag.

Via airport - When you are unable to register a complaint about your lost luggage through the phone call or the official website, then the last option is through the airport. Get to the baggage receiver counter of the airline and report the complaint about your lost baggage. Share the necessary flight details, and they will immediately register your complaint. Give them a few days, and they will find the lost bag.

How can I track my lost luggage with United?

At United Airlines, there is an option to track your lost baggage on the official website. Select the ‘travel information’ option from the menu and then click the ‘baggage information’ tab. The option for ‘track your baggage’ will appear on your screen. 

What happens if United Airlines loses your Bag?

If passengers lose their baggage while traveling with United Airlines, they can submit a claim request by filling out a form or speaking with an agent. The airline will help to locate the bags, and if the baggage can not be found within five days, they compensate for the lost baggage.

What are responsibilities of United Airlines if they lost my luggage?

You can submit a complaint about your lost luggage with the airline, and if the airline is not able to find it within three days, then they are liable to provide you with some compensation. The passenger has the right to claim up to $1500 per bag. To get any further details, read the airline's policy through the official website.


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