What happens when KLM lost baggage?

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While traveling with KLM Airlines, if your baggage is delayed or lost, report it to the airline within 48 hours of arrival. You must report to customer service regarding your bags and provide a list of the items. The airline will reimburse you each day for a maximum of 21 days with some amount, and if the luggage is still lost, they will provide you with compensation. To get assistance regarding anything, contact customer service.

How do I make a claim for lost luggage KLM?

There are two easy methods to claim your lost baggage with KLM. Process of both ways are mentioned below, and you can use the preferred way to file a claim:

Through phone call - Call the airline and choose the appropriate option to claim the lost luggage. Then your call will get through with a KLM representative, provide the flight and baggage details, and customer service will register your complaint and get you the information.

Through Baggage counter - If there is any problem reporting a claim through the official website, then no problem, as you can also visit the baggage counter at the airport. Share your baggage and flight details with the representative, and they will assist you in claiming your lost baggage. 

How do I report lost luggage on KLM?

There can be instances when passengers misplace or lose their luggage during their connecting flights or when they have arrived at their desired destinations. Under such situations, the first and foremost thing that can be done is to report the loss of the baggage to the airline through the methods discussed below:

  • Through the online mode:

The passengers can make a report of their lost baggage latest by 48 hours of their arrival at the destination. This can be done through the portal by visiting the Information tab link provided on the homepage, where the passenger can access the report delayed baggage icon. Enter the booking reference and the name to make the claim and submit the report accordingly.

  • At the airport:

The easiest method is to formulate a report at the airport through the staff present at the baggage desk. The passenger would be receiving their file reference number along with the PIR. This will help the passenger to keep a record of the report that was made with the airline. The airline usually takes 3-4 days to track lost baggage through this method.

How do I email KLM lost and found?

The passenger can send an email to mail@klm-info.com for the lost luggage to the airline. Please ensure to mention all the details related to the baggage along with attachment proof, if any. The airline will check the mail, go through the lost and found items being submitted to them at that particular airport, make references, identify the baggage and then get it shipped. The airline will provide the passengers with all the necessary updates through the mail if and when required.

What is the phone number for KLM lost and found?

The KLM customer service team works tirelessly to provide the best service to the passenger. So if the passenger would like to communicate with the airlines by the process of calling, they can dial and connect at +1 800 618 0104, where the team will direct them and assign the representative dealing with issues of lost and found items. Please make sure to place the call between 08:00 AM to 11:00 PM from Sunday through Monday.

How do I call KLM about lost luggage?

The Passengers who have lost their luggage can immediately place a call with KLM Airlines through the procedure given:

  • Leaf through the official website of KLM Airlines.
  • Scan over the page to the Contact Us icon at the end of the page and click on the All Contact Options link.
  • Select the necessary help request in the subsequent pages displayed to find the number for calling.
  • Place a call at 1800 4193 044 to get connected to the agent from the customer support team of the airline who handles issues related to lost baggage.
  • Follow through with the instructions given by the agent to retrieve your lost baggage.

How do I claim compensation for delayed luggage KLM?

To claim delayed baggage, you can use the online method. Report it through the official website, and customer service will give you compensation. Following are the steps through which you can report the delayed baggage through the official website:

  • Get to the official website of KLM.
  • Scroll down on the home page and choose the “Help Center” option.
  • Click on the “Report Delayed Baggage” icon.
  • Then you have to enter the “Baggage reference number” and “Booking code.”
  • Fill out the information and summarize the query in a short description.
  • After you submit the report, the airline will track your baggage and compensate you if you cannot find it.

How much does KLM pay for lost luggage?

If your luggage is not delivered within 21 days of your flight, it will be marked as lost luggage, and the airline will compensate you with around EUR 1300 through an online payment. However, you can also ask the airline to transfer the amount as miles points. You have to provide a list of the items on your baggage; remember that the airline requests you not to carry any electronic items, jewelry, art, etc., on your baggage as they are not liable to provide you with the total amount of the items.

How much will KLM reimburse for delayed luggage?

The passenger will get around 65 USD to 70 USD as compensation for each day the baggage gets delayed up to a maximum of 21 days. The purchase of items that have been made in the absence of the luggage can also be reimbursed, provided they submit proof of payment to the airline for all the purchases made.

How much compensation does KLM give for delayed baggage?

Report KLM within 48 hours for your delayed baggage through the official website or the help center at the airport. Customer service will track your baggage, and if they cannot locate your lost baggage, the airline will provide you with EUR 60 for each day for a maximum of 21 days.

How long does KLM take to pay compensation?

If you have filed for compensation with KLM, the airline will verify your flight details and provide you with the amount within 2 to 4 weeks. You can also check the compensation status through the official website or contact customer service, and they will assist you with the information.


To know the process of lost baggage claim with KLM, then for that, below are the following steps that are mentioned:-

  • Access the official website of KLM and search for the lost or damaged baggage tab. 
  • When you click, a form will open where you need to provide all the details like, the passenger's name, bag details, size, color, etc. 
  • Now, when you fill out your form then review it, and then submit it. 
  • Lastly, you successfully file the lost baggage claim. 

Yes, KLM airline compensates for delayed baggage, but there are differences in delayed baggage compensation according to the time and many other things. If you reach your destinations 3 hours or more later than the scheduled time of the flight, then you are entitled to financial compensation. But, if you get delayed due to some other circumstances like weather issues, technical issues, or more, then the compensation depends on the distance to your destination like:-

  • If your distance is up to 1500 km, then you are eligible for compensation of $280.
  • When the distance is between 1501 and 3500 km, then compensation is $450.
  • If the distance is more than 3500 km, then the compensation is $675

When your baggage is lost by the KLM airline then for that, you need to report a claim and directly get connected with the lost and found services at the airport; when you are not able to get the baggage within 7 days, then you are eligible to get the compensation which is according to your luggage. But, customer services must arrange for your baggage to deliver within 24 hours, or sometimes it will take more time, but there is a possibility that you will get your bags. The compensation for lost baggage is a maximum is $1450 or also according to your luggage items. 

If your luggage is lost completely on KLM, then the initial step you need to do is to claim with official customer services and also you can contact customer services through their official lost and found contact number. When you report that the airline is responsible for getting your luggage and your baggage, there is a tracker through which the airline will easily track and provide all the information through which you can get your bags back.

Moreover, if your baggage is lost for more than 21 days, you are entitled to compensation of up to $1460

When your baggage is delayed in KLM, and you need to know how much you will get reimbursed then for that, here are the details mentioned you can claim flight delay, cancellation, or lost baggage; for delays and cancelations, the charges are $675, and for the lost luggage the costs are $1590. 

If your baggage is lost or damaged, then the compensation charged or the passengers will get from the KLM is $3800 per passenger. There are some policies in which if the baggage is lost due to airlines, then the passengers are eligible to get compensation, and according to the time or other things, the refund is higher. 

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