How do I contact EGYPTAIR for Lost Luggage

Get Assistance For "How do I contact EGYPTAIR for Lost Luggage "

Get instant help on your lost baggage at EGYPTAIR. 

Egyptair always treats its passengers with great care and hospitality so you can enjoy your journey without any disturbances. Airlines always try to be flexible when it comes to their policies so that you can experience a hassle-free trip. 

Do not worry about the baggage because airlines provide all the facilities so that you can carry your belongings without any second thought. You can go through the below-discussed baggage info and get your work done. 

How do I complain to Egyptair about lost luggage?

You can complain to Egyptair about lost luggage through a phone call option via toll free number 1 (212) 581-5600, which is available 24 hours and seven days to register your luggage complaint. After that authority will verify the issue and get back to you with your luggage. You will also get a tracking number so that any update on the luggage will be sent to you. 

How do I email Egyptair about lost baggage?

You can email Egyptair about lost baggage via the official email address, which has been specially issued by the airline to register your complaint regarding baggage. After receiving your mail airline authority will verify all the baggage details and then contact you back at your registered email id. The airline baggage team will help you in getting belongings back to you as soon as possible. 

How do I check the status of my lost baggage, Egyptair?

Once you have registered your complaint regarding lost baggage at Egyptair, then in return, you will get a file reference number with the help of which you can check the status of your lost baggage. While entering your details, you need to check the name and other flight information must be correct. In case there are some changes in the details, then inform the airline authority as soon as possible so that it can be easier for the authority to return your baggage quickly.

  • Open the official page of the Egyptair site.
  • After that, click on the “check bag status/file information” option.
  • Now the page will open; enter your file reference number and name in the mandatory field. 
  • At last, click on the submit button, and the page will show you the status of your lost baggage. 

How do I make a claim for lost luggage Egyptair?

You can make a claim for lost luggage at Egypt Air through the baggage claim form that is available on the official site of the airline. After that, please fill out the form and submit it to the airline authority. It is advised by the airline to file a complaint on their lost luggage as soon as possible. The estimated time is within seven days if the luggage has been damaged and within 21 days if it is delayed. 

How do I ask Egyptair for compensation for lost luggage?

You can directly ask Egyptair for compensation for lost luggage via a call at 1 (212) 581-5600. You can take direct help from a live person who will let you know whether you are eligible for compensation. 

For further information, you can take help from the airline customer service team without hesitation. 


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