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The Lost and Found department in the aviation industry plays a significant role in the passenger’s life. Misplacing your luggage or not getting your luggage when arriving at the scheduled destination can hamper your trip.

A Complete Guide on British Airways Lost and Found

If you have a British Airways flight booking or reservation and you lost your luggage during your last trip, you need to call the British Airways lost and found phone number; in that case, you are reading the perfect material. The following minutely described points will help you understand the topic, and you can handle the situation accordingly.

How to call the British Airways Lost and Found Phone Number?

You can call the British Airways lost and found department with the help of the steps listed below; 

  • Visit the official British Airways website with the help of a preferred browser.
  • Locate and click on the option ‘Information’ to proceed with the steps.
  • The following page will showcase different options to contact several British Airways departments.
  • Select the option ‘Baggage.’
  • It will redirect you to the official British Airways Baggage web page.
  • Click on the ‘Delayed Baggage’ option and continue with the process.
  • The following page will showcase the official British Airways number to call if you wish to report a problem regarding your delayed or lost baggage.
  • Call the official number and go through the IVR procedure to connect with the ‘Lost and Found Department.’
  • Shortly, a live British Airways executive will connect with you and provide the required assistance.

Therefore, you can call the British airways lost baggage contact number and speak to a dedicated customer support representative regarding your concerns. 

Several Methods To Get the British Airways Baggage Claim Phone Number are given below.

Via phone call: You need to follow a simple process to get a baggage claim phone number of British airways, You need to visit the official website of British airways in your search engine and click on to contact us section. Here you can see various options to contact; choose the option of a phone call. Following this, you need to fill out your flight details and your country’s name with a pin code. Now a number will come on; you need to make a call on that number and choose the preferred language. 

Now you need to follow the IVR instructions. 

  • Dial British Airways Baggage service helpline 01293 223457
  • Press 1 to book a flight 
  • Press 2 to cancel the flight 
  • Press 3 to make changes in the reservation 
  • Press 4 to baggage or luggage-related issue 
  • Press 5 to get a refund 
  • Press 6 to know about miles 
  • Press 7 to go back menu 
  • Choose the option according to the query and connect with the official representative of British airways. 

Via email id: If you cannot contact the representative on a phone call or you want to go with any other option, you can also choose the emails option. All the process you need to do is open your registered email id and compose a mail and fills out the complete details of your baggage, attach a flight ticket with it and send it to the official customer support email id of British airways. They will connect with you within 24 hours.

What to do in a situation where British Airways lose your luggage?

If you go through a situation where British airways lose your luggage, and you’ve got no idea about the ways to tackle the situation, in that scenario, the following points will help you significantly;

Report the Problem on the British Airways Delayed Luggage Page- You’ll have to report the problem to the British Airways team;

  • You can find the page on the official British Airways website.
  • Ensure that you report the problem to the British Airways team when you find out about your luggage.
  • British Airways also provides the convenience of keeping track of all the expenditures you had to make because of losing your luggage.
  • Ensure that you showcase any major receipt to the British Airways team to get the reimbursement for the same.

Therefore, the question ‘What happens if BA loses my luggage?’ can be answered with the help of going through all the steps listed above for your benefit.

Achieve lost and found baggage phone number on British Airways

Many times passenger loses or misplaces their baggage while traveling with British airways. Your baggage could be damaged on the flight or at the airport section. In this situation, passengers do not feel comfortable, and they even do not have ample information on what to do. So if you are traveling with British Airways, you can get the lost luggage.

British always look after your baggage when choosing a comfortable flight to travel to your desired destinations. Abruptly happens, something trouble with the baggage when lost, and passenger needed to get relevant support and service from British airways customer representative. If you are experiencing the same issue with the baggage you have lost, you are always independent to get complete advice and help at your convenient time.

What happens if BA loses my luggage?

Passengers can register a complaint if British airways lose their luggage. All that passengers need to do is visit the official website of British airways, go to the contact us option, and search for the complaint application. Open that form, fill out the details like the passenger's name, contact number, and registered email id, and submit the details. You need to fill out the complaint of losing your baggage and describe the baggage, whether it is your suitcase or bag; one bag is missing or complete baggage is missing. Any other thing is missing, like a ring or anything in the given space, and submits them. You will get British airways lost and found phone number call on that number. The official representative will connect with you within some moments and provide you with complete information about your baggage.

If your luggage is lost by the British airlines 

If British airways lost your luggage, they are eligible to give you your luggage. The things that passengers can do in that kind of situation are report and find their luggage, can apply for the claim. Still, for this, the need to register a complaint to British airways first, and the officials of British airways will check whether the complaint which passenger made is genuine; if the complaint is found genuine, they are liable to provide the passenger with their luggage.

How do I track my luggage on British Airways?

Often passengers do not have the complete information about the process they need to follow to track their luggage after filing the complaint. Those passengers do not need to worry. They have to follow the below-mentioned ways.  

  • First, open your web browser and search 
  • After this, you need to fill out your details like the last name of the passenger and booking reference number 
  • You have to fill out the details of the flight like the date and timings of the flight and submit the details 
  • Further your booking is open you need to select the flight you travel. 
  • Now go to the baggage section and fill out the details of your baggage. 
  • After this, you need to click to Tracked checked baggage, and you will be able to track your baggage. 

With the help of the ways mentioned earlier, you can know what you can do after missing the baggage. Still, if you are having any trouble, then you can contact through British airways lost baggage contact number. They will help you find out your luggage as quickly as possible, and if you don't want to contact them by phone call, you can also choose the other option like chatting or sending an email to the officials of British airlines.

Be Enlightened with Baggage Claim on British Airways

Often passengers misplace or lose their luggage at the airport or on the flight. Well, if you checked in your luggage and after that, you cannot get your luggage, or if your luggage is damaged after check-in, you can get compensation. While traveling with British Airways, you will get this kind of benefit. British Airways provides convenient facilities to passengers who lose their baggage or luggage after check-in. If your luggage is lost and you have complete information about what you need to do in that situation, then it is excellent, but in case you do not have the complete information about this, you need to read below.

How much will British Airways reimburse for delayed Baggage?

British Airways provide reimbursement for delayed Baggage if your Baggage is missing so you can claim compensation with them. Passengers are liable to claim items such as Toiletries and basics when bags are delayed. If a customer wants to know Is British Airways for delayed Baggage? The Airline will be liable to pay $100 per day per passenger for five days, and the traveler is eligible to get $3000 if the Baggage is declared wholly lost.

How to Get Back Items You Lost on British Airways

Most of the time, people lose their loose items on the flight, or they forget to take items like purses, mobile rings, and other accessories, and they do not know how to get back those items. You need to follow the below-mentioned process to know complete information about this.

  • In the initial step, you need to open the official website of British airways in your search engine. 
  • Now go to the contact us section of that page. 
  • Next, you need to find out the baggage claim form. 
  • Further, you will have to fill out the details of the passengers and the date and timings of their flight. 
  • You need to fill out the type of luggage lost, whether a handbag or suitcase or anything, and sends it. 
  • In last the representative of British airways related to the luggage department will contact you and help to give your luggage back. 

How to submit the lost and found form to British Airways?

You can submit your lost and found form using the website of British Airways. If you want to fill out the lost and found form but need help finding it on the British Airways website, then you can use the points below. 

  • Reach to British Airways website.
  • Navigate the lost property information tab and click on to report and track option
  • The form will appear in which you have to provide the details of the property 
  • Next, you have to mention your booking details, contact details, email id, etc., and submit that form
  • The representative will contact with you to provide you lost baggage details. 

With the steps as mention above, you will be able to know about the British Airways baggage claim phone number. Still, if you find any issues, you can also contact the official representative of British airways. They will help you and provide you with the best possible solution to help you in this situation.

How long does it take British Airways to return lost baggage?

The Airline Customer service takes nearly 72 hours to return missing or delayed luggage to their owners. But if it has been more than 72 hours, you can demand compensation for the lost Baggage with British Airways. The Airline will pay $3000 for the missing luggage.

How should passengers know that the Baggage is delayed?

Most airlines allow travelers to track their baggage status in their official app, which will provide details like the bag is on the same flight or give you an insight into the luggage location.

How to report delayed baggage claims with British Airways?

Passengers can only fill out the delayed baggage claim form if they have already submitted the lost baggage complaint with British Airways. Notifying the customer service team about the missing luggage for the first time is impossible. The Airline provides this form to upload the additional expenses, receipts, and supported documents when you have previously reported the missing bag complaint.

  • The Person should reach the British Airways official website to submit the form.
  • Kindly tap on missing or lost Baggage under the help section.
  • You will be able to see the claim form link on the page. Tap on it to open the link.
  • Now customers should enter the asked details such as title, name, case number, and additional expense details, and attach receipts or supporting documents to the form.
  • You must click " I agree to the terms and conditions " to submit the form.
  • The Airline help desk agent will contact you for verification and claim the amount.
  • The amount will take 5 to 7 days to be transferred. 


Often passengers need to remember their property, such as jewelry, handbag, etc., and to find those things; they can make a lost item complaint as most airlines have lost and found departments. While traveling with British, Airways, if any passengers need to find their property in the plane, they have to contact the airline's representative at the airport or fill out the online lost and found form, which is available on their official website. If the British Airways team finds any item on board an aircraft or in their lounge, they will handover it over to the airport staff. The passengers must provide details of where they last saw the item to the airport representative to get their property back. 


When you lose something at the airport premises or the plane, you can report a missing baggage complaint by connecting with the airways representatives. This is the most convenient option to trace or retrieve your property directly. To communicate with the British Airways lost property department representative, dial this number 1 (800) 247-9297/+1-802-432-2552 and go through IVR's instructions, then select which suits your query. 

You can get the details about the lost items by connecting with the British Airways staff available at the airport. You have to reach the security checkpoints or counter and provide your baggage information present at the counter. The representative will match your given details if your details are correct. Then the found item will then be handed to you within 24 to 72 hours. If the item does not reach the airport's lost and found premises, then the representative cannot assist. 

The passengers have a right to claim compensation if any damage happens to their luggage or if the airline lost passenger luggage. Yes, passengers will get a benefit to get compensation if the luggage is miss place or damage takes place after the checked-in process by British airways.

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