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Due to Saudi Arabian Airlines' internal fault, are you stuck in an unpleasant situation? Do not worry, as the airline gives you compensation to balance the inconveniences. Even the airline allows you to claim compensation and refunds for up to six years of the flight disruption.

Ways To Claim Compensation From Saudi Airlines

However, at Saudi Arabian Airlines, you can claim up to 600 EUR, depending on the flight delay or cancellation situation. If you want to learn more regarding what is Saudi Arabian Airlines' compensation policy, this article can guide you efficiently. Check out the upcoming segments to find relatable information about the effective compensation policy released by Saudi Arabia Airlines.

Know Your Rights In Case Saudi Arabian Airlines Cancels or Delays Your Reservation

If you have bought a Saudi Arabia Airlines ticket, you must stay updated with the rights that you hold:

  • The airline must provide compensation up to $680, and it does not depend on the fare type.
  • If your Saudi Arabian Airlines flight reaches its final destination late by three or more hours, you are eligible to get compensation.
  • If the airline cancels your flight without providing any prior notice, the airline owes you compensation; the least requirement of the notice is at least 14 days before the flight takes off.
  • As per the Saudi Arabian Airlines reimbursement policy, you are eligible for a full refund if the airline cancels or delays the flight without any genuine reason.
  • However, if you are already at the airport and the airline denies your boarding due to overbooking, it is considered the airline’s fault, eventually making you eligible for the refund.
  • And, if you booked a connecting flight and missed it due to the airline’s fault and reached the destination three or more late, the airline owes you compensation.

Before requesting a refund or compensation, it is important to consider these points in mind. However, if you too face the flight disruption, there is no need to panic and rush into anything. You can get a guide about things you must do right after the disruption comes into your knowledge.

Things to Do If Saudi Arabian Airlines Cancels or Delays the Reservation

Many travelers become furious and waste their time ranting against the airline. But, what if you can benefit from the inconveniences? Yes, you read it right! Saudi Arabian Airlines provides an amazing compensation policy to accommodate your needs. Before that, take help from the below-discussed points and act accordingly:

  • You must know the reason for the flight delay or cancellation.
  • The more the proof, the more authentic your request can be. Collect the photos, receipts, booking number, and voucher details to file a strong compensation claim.
  • When you reach the airport and need to kill time for the next arranged flight, you are entitled to free services; do not shy away from availing them.

The points mentioned above are true for both cases: flight cancellation and delay. Additionally, you should know the basics about Saudi Arabian Airlines canceled flight compensation to face no further consequences. For your convenience, the next segment covers general clauses imposed by the airline if it cancels your reservation.

When can you get canceled flight compensation from Saudi Arabian Airlines?

Not every traveler can get compensation from the airline as there are some criteria set to qualify. Following discussed is a list of important compensation terms and conditions to consider if your flight got canceled from the airline’s end:

  • If the airline cancels your reservation due to an extraordinary situation, you do not qualify for a refund or compensation. The extraordinary situation would include bad weather, airport strike, or political orders.
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines provides you with the next possible flight option to reach your final destination; however, if the flight reaches the destination late, the airline owes you compensation.
  • Also, if the arranged flight option does not satisfy your old itinerary, you can cancel it to get a full refund or claim compensation.
  • But, if the airline succeeds in providing an alternate flight option that covers the same distance at the same time as the original one, you don’t get any compensation.

Are you worried about your delayed flight? Do not sweat as you can benefit from Saudi Arabian Airlines flight delay compensation. Need thorough information? Go to the next segment and find a suitable guide to help you get through the inconveniences of the delayed flight.

When can you get delayed flight compensation from Saudi Arabian Airlines?

Saudi Arabian Airlines tries to shorten the inconveniences and help travelers lead an untroubled journey. And it strives to operate on time, surpassing all the hindrances, but sometimes, your flight can get delayed. So, a traveler must not panic as the following discussed point is written to help you out:

  • You are eligible for flight compensation only if your flight reaches its final destination later than 3 hours from the scheduled time.
  • In such a case, the airline owes 680 USD per reservation and provides it within a few business days of the compensation claim.
  • As per the Saudi Arabian Airlines baggage delay compensation policy, the airline compensates for the delayed baggage, which equals around 20 SDR per day of the delay. It can range up to 100 SDR for domestic flights, so know your rights!
  • The delayed flight cancellation also depends on the reason; you do not get any compensation if your flight gets delayed due to extraordinary circumstances.
  • To qualify for compensation for your delayed flight, you must face a delay of at least three hours; otherwise, you might not be able to get anything.
  • You can contact the airline and ask for the compensation amount to make the request even easier.

Please do not waste time wondering can I get Saudi Arabian Airlines compensation for a 2-hour flight delay. The airline is obligated for compensation only if the flight is delayed by three or more hours. However, you can get free meals and refreshments if your flight is delayed for two hours. Need more relevant information? Contact Saudi Arabian Airlines customer representatives to find special and unique assistance.


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