How To Claim Compensation From KLM

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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is considered amongst one of the most significant airlines when it comes to claiming compensation. You can easily file a compensation claim at KLM by visiting its official website and using the customer service team. The airline provides you a cash refund on the unused part and helps you fight the inconveniences caused.

This article can guide you efficiently about how to claim compensation from KLM in an easy manner. Also, here you can find some important conditions associated with claiming compensation at KLM Airlines. Let’s check out!

Steps to Claim A Compensation at KLM

Follow the given steps, and you can claim your KLM compensation in real-time:

  • Go directly to the official website of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and choose a region for your convenience.
  • Go to the My Bookings tab and enter the Booking Code followed by the passenger’s Last Name.
  • Submit the details to access your reservation and follow the procedure of flight cancellation.
  • Once you complete the cancellation procedure, the airline provides you with the refund request form. 
  • Fill out the form and mention that you want to claim compensation for your journey.

The airline credits the compensation value within the typical business days of the airline. But, if KLM cancels or delays your flight from its end, you get compensated without doing anything. Have you already applied for the compensation and now need to know the status? Check out the next section.

Know how you can check the compensation status

There are two effective methods to learn how to check KLM compensation claim status: online and email. Check out the given points to learn more about them:


  • Visit the KLM's official website and visit the My Trips/Bookings section.
  • Provide reservation details and access your reservation.
  • Further, you can see the status and other details if the airline processed your compensation request.


  • You receive an elaborate email once you submit the compensation request.
  • You can use that particular email to check the status of your compensation.
  • Open the link, provide the required details and retrieve the compensation details quickly.

However, you can also contact the KLM Airlines professionals if you cannot find the status on your own. The agents can check and provide the compensation status if you provide the correct details.

When can I expect to get compensation from KLM?

Getting compensation from KLM depends on the type of fare you canceled. Also, if the airline cancels your reservation, you might get the compensation within seven business days. But, to receive compensation, you must have essential documents to prove the reason. Also, if it is taking longer than estimated to get a refund, you must contact the airline to get prompt assistance.

Now you have important details about KLM compensation, including how long does it take to get compensation from KLM. You cannot profit from stalling the procedure. Use this article, claim the compensation and check the status, if necessary. So, if you want to witness a seamless experience, you must give a fair chance to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.


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