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Air Canada is known to support its travelers who face bumps in their itinerary due to any internal faults of the airline itself. So as a traveler of Air Canada, you are allowed to claim compensation if you face abrupt flight cancelation, delays, or overbooking scenarios.

If you need to know how do you get compensated with Air Canada, you must qualify for the airline's compensation policy. You are not eligible for compensation if you cancel the reservation yourself. Stay on this article to find more amazing facts about Air Canada’s compensation guidelines.

About Air Canada Compensation Policy

If you have booked your ticket at Air Canada, you are eligible for compensation, but the airline exempts you in some extraordinary circumstances:

  • If the airline cancels the reservation less than two weeks before the flight’s scheduled departure, you can claim compensation.

  • You are not eligible for compensation if you do not own a confirmed reservation status from Air Canada.

  • Also, you can only claim compensation if your flight gets canceled or delayed within the watch of Air Canada.

  • You cannot get compensation for a reservation that the airline has already refunded for the same class of events.

But these general guidelines are not it as there are several other sides to the Air Canada compensation policy. Do not worry, as the upcoming sections cover all the important details to make your experience with Air Canada more reliable!

Air Canada Flight Delays Compensation Policy

It is already hectic to face a flight delay after being excited about your next trip, and Air Canada understands the emotional loss! But that is it, and you can never face a financial loss if you have booked an Air Canada ticket. Check out the given points if your flight got delayed and you need to know what to do next!

  • Air Canada leverages you with compensation if your flight gets delayed for three or more hours; this applies to Canada and European regulations.

  • You are exempted from getting compensation if your flight got delayed due to any of the given circumstances:

  1. Security and Safety Purposes 

  2. Medical Extremity

  3. Bad Weather Conditions

However, if your flight got delayed due to understaffing or consolidated flights, you are eligible for compensation. So, know your rights.

How much is the flight compensation if Air Canada delays flights?

If you wonder does Air Canada compensate for delays, the answer is yes. You can get compensation due to flight delays depending on several external factors. Find some of them in the given section:

  • You can receive compensation worth €600 if your flight departs from a European airport.

  • Also, if your flight gets delayed by 3 or 4 hours, you can receive 50% of the total reservation.

  • However, if your flight departs from an airport outside of Europe, you can get the following compensation- If your flight gets delayed; by three to six hours, you can get around 400 CAD as compensation, 700 CAD if it delays for six to nine hours, and if it delays for more than nine hours, you can get 1000 CAD against the compensation.

Compensation Policy for Air Canada Flight Cancellation 

Air Canada rarely cancels any reservation abruptly; otherwise, the airline gives at least 15 days for the travelers to arrange. Below-discussed is a list of conditions that you must be aware of if Air Canada cancels your reservation:

  • However, Air Canada provides the next best flight that matches your itinerary in case of abrupt cancellation. But, it also gives you the right to deny that arrangement to get compensation.

  • If the airline cancels your reservation and the flight arrives three or more after its scheduled time, you can claim monetary compensation.

  • However, if you accept the arrangement for the trip, you can still get compensation if your flight reaches after three hours beyond its schedule.

When can you get the Air Canada cancellation compensation?

  • If you wish to claim compensation from Air Canada after they cancel your reservation. However, if you need the compensation, ensure that it is a last-minute cancellations, usually, Air Canada informs its travelers fourteen days before the scheduled departure.
  • As per the Air Canada flight cancellation compensation policy, if the airline provides you with an arrangement and it no longer suits your itinerary, you can cancel the reservation and get compensation. So, you get compensation plus the refund amount for the cancelation.
  • How much can I get as flight cancelation compensation from Air Canada?
  • The compensation you get depends on the length of your journey, like you are eligible to get €250 if you have booked a flight covering less than 1,500 km, €400 if it covers between 1,500 and 3,500 km, and if it travels for more than 3,500 km, then you can get €600.

Compensation Policy for Air Canada Flight Overbooking

You must not panic if you face overbooking on Air Canada, as the airline provides overbooking compensation as well. Check out the following points if you are involuntarily denied boarding due to the flight’s overbooking:

  • If your Air Canada flight is scheduled to depart from a European airport and you were denied boarding, you can claim compensation up to €600 for that part of your journey.

  • You get €300 if your alternative flight is scheduled to land between 3-4 hours after the original timing.

How much do I get from Air Canada for overbooking compensation?

Passengers who are denied boarding involuntarily qualify for any compensation. You can claim compensation in these said amounts:

  • If the passengers arrive less than six hours from the original flight time, they get CAD 900; CAD 1,800 if a passenger arrives between 6-9 hours after its scheduled time. And lastly, if the passenger arrives nine or more hours after the original time, they can claim up to CAD 2,400. 

  • However, if your flight departs from a European airport, you must select the regulation you want to abide by: European or Canadian; you cannot benefit from both the regulations. 

Now you have all the aspects regarding Air Canada flight delay compensation and cancelation compensation. So, make an informative decision depending on your situation to benefit and save your money in real-time. Also, if you face any hitches and need professional assistance, you can contact the Air Canada travel consolidators.


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