How do you get compensated for Delta delays?

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Guidelines For Delayed Flight Compensation at Delta Airlines 

Delta is a prominent airline that secures a good ranking among travelers. In some conditions, if you face a delay on the scheduled time of your flight, you might have a number of questions. Here is the essential information you might need when to know about the compensation for a delayed Delta flight.  

Does Delta have to pay you for delays?

If there are external reasons for the flight delay, then Delta Airlines might refuse to compensate the passengers. The external conditions are bad weather, airport incidents, or traffic control strikes. If the delay is due to technical faults or internal issues, then Delta must pay for the delay to the passengers. 

How do I request reimbursement from Delta?

There is an online and offline way to request reimbursement at Delta Airlines, and both mediums are mentioned here:

Online refund form

You need to fill out a refund form in order to request a reimbursement from Delta. Here is the process for requesting the reimbursement:

  • Go to the official Delta site,
  • Open the "Need Help" menu,
  • Click on the "Refund Help" option,
  • Then tap on the "Request a refund or reimbursement" link,
  • You will obtain the required form on the site,
  • Now add your flight details, contact information, and other necessary details,
  • Next, you can send your request by clicking the Submit option,
  • Delta Airlines will reimburse you within a few days after receiving your request. 

Contact customer service

You may also get in touch with a person at Delta customer service to request reimbursement. Do as per these given instructions for the same:

  • Call 800-221-1212 and wait for an official person to connect,
  • Then ask to submit your request for reimbursement,
  • The official will ask you the reason and take the flight info,
  • After checking the eligibility, the official will ask for more info,
  • After you provide all the necessary info, the reimbursement request will be submitted to Delta Airlines,
  • The requested copy will also be shared on your email address by the official. 

How do you get compensated for Delta delays?

If your flight has been delayed and for the same, you would like to get compensation from Delta, then here are the steps that will help you:

  • Log your account on the Delta Airlines website,
  • Then you need to slide to the My Trips section,
  • Your Delta reservation schedule will show on the screen,
  • Now you need to tap the cancel button and follow the cancellation instruction,
  • And now, the refund option will be shown on the page,
  • Fill out all the required information in the refund form,
  • Then tap the Submit option,
  • And the refund request will be shared with Delta Airlines,
  • The compensation will be provided to you for a maximum of 14 working days.

How much is Delta's compensation?

Delta Airlines' compensation is, on average, €600 per person. The compensation depends on the factors like flight destination, fare type, and the reason the compensation has been applied for. 

How many hours of flight delay before compensation for Delta

The flight must be delayed by 3 hours and more than that for receiving compensation from Delta Airlines. If the scheduled timing shifts less than 3 hours, then no compensation will be provided, but you may rebook your ticket. 


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