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A Comprehensive Guide to Change Names on Ryanair

Ryanair is popular amongst travelers because of its flexible change policies. It allows travelers to stay flexible with their itinerary and correct any mistakes. So, do not worry if you mistakenly misspelled the name while making the reservation, as Ryanair's name change policy has your back.

Check out the upcoming section to learn about the Ryanair name change procedure and some important conditions associated with it.

About Ryanair Flight Change Policy

  • The name change charges depend on the booking type you have from the airline and the time you choose to make the changes. Below-mentioned is some of the important points regarding the name change charges made applicable by Ryanair:
  • A passenger can make name changes up to 2 hours before the flight departs, but you might have to pay the name change fees.
  • However, if you correct names 48 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure, you can make corrections up to 3 characters for free.
  • Furthermore, if you make changes after the risk-free period of 48 hours, you need to pay a name change fee starting from £115.

Why pay charges when you can escape them? Keep the given name change fee conditions in mind before processing the change in your reservation. Have you already checked in for your flight? Do not worry; the next section can enlighten you with relevant information.

Ryanair Name Change After Check-In

Though you can make changes in your reservation to check, what if you have downloaded your boarding pass? Ryanair requires you to cancel the reservation and then process a new booking with correct credentials in such a case. 

How do I change a name on a Ryanair flight?

Follow the given steps to make name changes in your Ryanair reservation:

  • Use a search engine to browse the airline’s official website.
  • You can find the Manage My Booking section; go for it.
  • From that section, you need to choose the Manage Your Trip option.
  • Choose the Change Name option once you retrieve your booking using details like the booking reference number and last name.
  • Make corrections in the name on the relevant fields and then submit the change.
  • You get redirected to the booking page as you submit the request, and you can read “You’ve made changes to your trip, you’ll need to check out to confirm them” on the screen.
  • Lastly, tap the Check Out button and if there are any charges, pay them entering the relatable payment details.

The airline sends you an updated invoice with the corrected credentials on it. Use the updated invoice to check-in for your flight reservation and obtain a boarding pass.

Why does Ryanair charge for name change?

Ryanair is counted amongst one of the most reliable airlines as it does not charge unnecessary fees. You need to pay for the name change only if you fail to comply with the name change terms and conditions. However, you can skip paying the name charges if you complete the formalities as per the standard terms and conditions of the airline.

Is it possible to change the flight date at Ryanair?

You can reschedule the flight to your preferred destination in real-time if you have a reservation at Ryanair. So do not worry if you face trouble continuing a journey with the original itinerary as the airline provides a flexible change policy. However, abide by certain terms and conditions if you want to reschedule the flight hassle-free.

In this article, you can find some easy methods to process the Ryanair flight date change formalities and some of its clauses. Read the below sections to find informative knowledge about changing flights at Ryanair.

How can you change the flight dates at Ryanair?

Below-mentioned steps can help you change flight dates and reschedule the flight on your new itinerary:

  • Browse the official website of Ryanair using your preferred search engine.
  • Log into your account and navigate the Manage My Booking section.
  • Provide the required credentials in the prompted sections, and then choose the Change Your Flight option.
  • Choose your preferred journey dates and choose a flight of your choice.
  • Review the flight details and enter the Confirm Change button given at the bottom.
  • If there are any flight date change charges, pay them by choosing a payment method you prefer.
  • The airline sends you the confirmation email about the payment and flight rescheduling.

So, rely on the given steps to make the changes and use the invoice to check in on your new flight. Keep reading to find more relevant information about changing your existing itinerary with a new one!

Can I change the dates of my Ryanair flight?

Yes, you can change the flight dates if you have a Ryanair reservation provided that you comply with the conditions mentioned by the airline. You can visit the airline's official website to bring the changes, or call up the airline’s professionals to do the needful for you!

Ryanair Flight Date Change Fee

Nothing comes for free, but what if you can reschedule your flight for free? Yes, now it is possible to change your flight date without paying a single penny towards it. However, to bring change free of cost, you must complete the formalities within a day of its booking

But, if you exceed the risk-free period, you need to pay the applicable charges of around 30 EUR that depend on the fare type and other factors: trip type, flight length, and the time of the change.

Ryanair Change Flight Date Policy

Check out the following mentioned flight date change policy set across by Ryanair:

  • As per the flight date change policy, you can make changes in your flight up to 2.5 hours before departure.
  • Also, you are eligible to make changes online only if you booked the ticket directly from the airline. 
  • The airline does not charge anything if you complete the formalities the same day as you booked the ticket.
  • When you book your ticket from a travel agent, you must contact them to bring any said changes.

What is still making you wait now that you know Ryanair change the flight date policy? Comply with the policy, follow the mentioned steps, and you are good to go! However, if you aren't tech-savvy, you can find assistance from the Ryanair customer service team, and the agents can complete the formalities.

Can I change my passport details after booking a flight with Ryanair?

Are you wondering about changes to your Ryanair bookings? Let us consider a few questions revolving around Ryanair flight changes to get a better comprehension. 

Can I change my passport details after booking a flight with Ryanair?

  • Ryanair allows passengers a scope to make the desired changes to their flights. 

  • One can change the details of their passport on their Ryanair booking after the booking is complete. 

  • People having an account with the airline can make the desired changes smoothly online using the website. 

Can I change my passport number after check-in Ryanair?

  • People can communicate with the customer support department at the airline to edit passport details for their flight bookings. 
  • Passengers can communicate with the reservations department at Ryanair so that customer support professionals are able to split your bookings in case your passport details will change between your inbound and outbound flights. 
  • The reservations department will release a new reservation and you can update your new passport details on the booking via self-serve through Ryanair. 
  • Passengers can then check their passport details in the drop-down menu while checking in for their flight. 

How can I add my passport details for Ryanair reservations? 

Passengers can stick to the step-by-step guide mentioned below in order to update their passport and personal details in your myRyanair account: 

  • People need to log in to their myRyanair account. Make a selection of the menu against your name. Select the ‘Dashboard’ option. 

  • Choose the ‘passengers’ option located in the left-hand menu and select the ‘Add a document’ option. 

  • Enter your Nationality, documentation, document number, expiry date, country of issue, etc. This is the next step. 

  • The entered details will be saved on the Ryanair account. You can edit the details from your account at any given point. 

Can I change my passport number after booking a flight?

Passengers can change their passport number after booking a flight with the airline as per the aviation rules and policy. 

One can establish connections with the customer support representatives to change their passport number after booking with the airline. Dial the helpline number and speak with a customer support executive for help and assistance with changing your passport number on your flight booking. 

People can also stick to using online booking management to change their passport numbers or for updating information on their flight reservations. 

How do I change my details with Ryanair?

People should know that it is not mandatory to enter their passport details while making reservations with Ryanair. You need to enter passport details later for your booking. 

People can contact the customer service professionals at the airline to get help with changing their details. Also, one can change details online via the official Ryanair website. 

What happens if you check in with the wrong passport number?

There is no problem when you check in with a wrong password because you can always change it by getting help from customer service personnel at Ryanair.

People can go straight to the check-in desk at the airport to get their passport details changed on their reservation or you can simply change it on your own within the reservation. 

Changing the passport number is a common practice done by multiple travelers between the inbound and outbound flights because of renewal, loss, or a new passport scenario.


You can change your check-in detail from Ryanair such as name, baggage, date, or passport detail you can make the necessary changes according to it. through the following step:-

  • Go to the RyanAir official website 
  • Then log into your account
  • After logging into your account go to manage to book 
  • Click on manage my trip. By this, you can change your check-in detail

yes, you can change the name on your flight ticket RyanAir provides 24 hours of grace time to make any changes, and that of free of cost. You can also change the name just 2 hours before the flight departure and also you can change the date 2.30 before departure this is also the RyanAir change policy. The process of changing the name on a flight ticket is-

  • Visit the page of RyanAir and log into your account
  • After login click on the manage booking
  • Then manage my trip 
  • After that select the change name icon and from there you can change the name.

To change a RyanAir flight booking also can be done within 24 hours of booking. You can change flight but if the ticket fare increases then you will have to pay if the fare is low then there will be no refund according to flight policy. These are the step to change the flight.

  • Log into the official page of RyanAir flight.
  • After logging go to manage to book 
  • In manage booking, you have the flight change option. Select the flight you want to book.

Yes, you can change the flight date within 24 hours. And that you can do with free of cost there will be no extra charge for that.

yes, RyanAir allows the passenger to make the necessary changes after check-in also such as route, fight, or even the name also. And to implement that change the passenger must contact the reservation counter that is because the reservation counter will provide a better way to make the changes.

Hence, as we have seen that RyanAir which provide a lot of benefit to the passenger that is traveling with them to make their journey smooth as well as comfortable for the passenger. Even though you have checked also you can make the changes that offer rare to see. the flight policy of RyanAir is so lenient that is beneficiary for the passenger from the flight cancellation policy to many booking making changes.  

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