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Grasp firm information to change the flight on Air Arabia

Air Arabia takes complete care of its customers, and it knows that emergencies can arise at times when a customer wants to make modifications to their itinerary. Due to this, Air Arabia provides these customers the option of changing their flight according to their convenience. But to make the flight change, they have to follow the change policies and make the flight change request reasonably before the departure date. If any customers are looking to change their flights with Air Arabia but need complete information about it, then they can go through the below. 

Can we change Air Arabia flight?

Yes, you can change the Air Arabia flight ticket, but this is only possible when there are seats available, and the customer is fulfilling all the necessary policies for the flight change. To make the flight change request they can use the official website of the airlines or any alternative mode. The easiest option for flight change is the online option, and in case the customer is unaware of it, then they can use the below points. 

  • Look for the official website of Air Arabia 
  • Now tap over the manage booking section
  • Fill out the last name with the PNR number
  • Select the flight change tap and fill out the new travel date
  • Choose the new flight from the available options. 
  • Last, save the changes, and the airlines will modify your bookings.

What is the Air Arabia Change Flight Policy?

Having the information about the flight change policies of Air Arabia is essential as it will help you to know weather you have to pay for the flight change or not. If you do not have information about the flight change policies of Air Arabia, then go through it below. 

  • Flight change requests made within 24 hours of booking are non-charable, but after that, charges are applied. 
  • On the departure date, if Air Arabia delays the take-off, then charges are not applicable.
  • The airlines will not charge any fee if you change the flight due to medical reasons, but show related documents.
  • Flight change will only possible if there are any seats is vacant.
  • Travelers who reschedule the flight are expected to pay flight difference fare along with an additional change fee

How much does it cost to reschedule an Air Arabi flight?

The charges that you have to pay to reschedule the flight will vary as per the destination, time left in the departure, etc. Still, to change any international flight bookings, you have to pay 250 USD to 300 USD, and for domestic flight change, pay between 180 USD to 250 USD.

Can we postpone Air Arabia flight ticket?

Yes, you can postpone the flight to Air Arabia, but any vacant seats exist, and for that, you can make a call to their customer service team. To communicate with them to postpone the flight ticket, you have to dial this number 600508001 and then choose the language. After that, the representative will give you information about the available flights, and you have to choose the flight which you find convenient to travel. 



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