How much does it cost to change a flight with EVA Air

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Learn all you need to know about how much it costs to change a flight with EVA Air.

Suppose you have made a booking from EVA Air but, unfortunately, due to any mishap like a medical emergency, legal or judicial orders, or urgent business meetings, you have to change the flights. In that case, you should pay the charges for the services and reschedule it for any following dates you wish to travel on. Mainly, the amount or cost to change the flights in EVA Air depends upon the ticket type and destination, also the time when you try to change the flights.

  • Charges start from 10 USD and go higher. 
  • If you are near the departure dates, more costs will be paid.

How do I change my flight with EVA Air?

To change the flights with EVA Air in an easy way, you may go through the steps ahead:-

  • Visit the website of the airline using the correct link.
  • Place your cursor on “Manage” to see the menu and options you need to access.
  • Click on the “Change flight” option. Now, fill in the boxes with your booking number and last name, which is written on your booked ticket.
  • Open your booking, select new dates of your journey from the calendar tab, or type the confirmed date.
  • Pay the amount which is applied to your new dates and confirm your ticket again.
  • You will also get an email regarding your changed flight booking with the new dates mentioned. 

Can I change my Eva Air flight?

Yes, you can make changes to your EVA Air ticket even after confirmation. You are allowed to reschedule or change your flight, select seats, and add meals, medical facilities, etc., to your booking. These changes are done online in primary mode, but if you have the proper instructions or can’t make changes in the tickets, then you can reach the airline’s customer helpdesk team.

EVA Air Change flight policy

This is true that you should look after the policies of any service before obtaining it so that you will understand the results and any steps taken by the airline. Check the guidelines to change flights in EVA:-

  • If you change your tickets on the same day of purchasing them, you can do it with no charges.
  • Some amount you should pay as service charges if you are exceeded by the time of 24 hours.
  • Suppose you have no plan to change or reschedule your booking, but you have to do that due to any mistake or the airline’s fault. Then the airline will not ask you to pay any charges even if it is done on the day of departure.
  • Otherwise, you can’t make such changes within 24 hours of departure because the airline starts preparing all the arrangements for the flight when 24 hours left.

Can I change my EVA flight ticket for free?

Yes, it is possible to change the flight tickets for free from EVA Air when you follow the 24 hours policy of the airline. Because of this, you should only pay an amount for the rescheduling if done under 24 hours. Also, for the other related points, it is necessary to reach the regulations of flight change in EVA Air.

How do I contact EVA Air to change a flight?

If you think that instead of following the online procedure for flight change, the support team can help you better, then you can contact the airline through multiple methods. Get through some of them:- 

  • Phone call:- You can come in contact with the airline to get help using the official phone number 1800-695-1188. Also, you have to listen to the instructions that are called out by the IVR, a computer system that manages helpline phone calls. In the end, you hear a number to press and start talking to the airline’s live person. 
  • Live chat:- This is also a form of communication directly linked to the helpline team of EVA Air. You may hang on to the airline’s web portal and click on the “Contact us” icon. Check all the available options from the contact page and tap on the “Chat” popup to open the virtual assistant. Type your query or raise a request that you want to change your booked flight. The virtual assistant will assist with detailed steps in the minimum time and possible ways.
  • Social media:- Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the media portals where EVA Air provides customer services. You may also reach the airline through your active accounts on these social networking sites or by using the mentioned social media links of each platform:-
  1. For Facebook -
  2. For Instagram -
  3. For Twitter -

Who do I call to change my EVA Air flight?

When you are in trouble, then You should call the customer representative of EVA Air, a person who receives or operates the calls when you try to make contact with the airline through the phone call facility. 


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