How Much Does it Cost to change a flight with Air Transat?

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Book a flight today with air transat airlines to experience the best supportive customer service facility. Apart from the top-notch in-flight services and a seamless travel experience, air transat airlines also excel in providing the flexibility of flight change. So if you have an existing flight reservation with air transat airlines but do not wish to travel on the same scheduled day due to any particular reason, then this is the right page to get answers. Keep reading until the end to know about the Air transat flight change policy, procedure fee, and other information.

Air Transat Ticket Change Policy

If you wish to schedule your flight to another date or change the timing, route, name and wish to upgrade the cabin, you must know the certain rules and conditions on your air transat ticket. A passenger can only change their flight under some circumstances, which are stated below: 

  • If you wish to get away from the flight change fee, then make sure to change the tickets within 24 hours of making a reservation s per the 24-hour risk-free flight change policy of the airline.
  • All the changes made in your itinerary are subject to availability with the air transat airlines. 
  • No changes are allowed once the flight has been taken off the origin-destination. 
  • Passengers can change the flight date, time, route, name, seat, class, etc., in their existing itinerary of air transat tickets.
  • A flight change fee of USD 55 onwards is applicable on the bookings modified after the risk-free period of the air transat airline. 
  • If your new flight fare is higher than the original flight fare price, then the passengers must pay the remaining value. 
  • All the changes in your air transat flight can be made online through the website or via the customer support executive of air transat Airlines. 
  • Passengers who cannot change their flight manually can visit the offline airport counter of air transat and ask the agents to help with the flight change procedure. 
  • If you change any personal details in your flight tickets of air transat airlines, passengers must show a supporting document such as identity proof. 
  • If the new flight fare is lesser than the original flight amount, the airline will transfer the remaining value to your account. 
  • Passengers can upgrade their seats from lower cabin to upper cabin and not degrade their seats as per the flight upgrade policy of air transat airlines. 

Can you Change the Air Transat Flight?

Yes, there are several techniques to change an air-transat flight. One is through the online process, the other is through the customer's service executive, and the last one is via the Air Transat airport counter. For now, here is the manual process of flight change stated below:

  1. Open the official air transat website on your smartphone or desktop with the help of a default browser. 
  2. Navigate the 'manage booking' tab once you get through the home screen and click on it. 
  3. Enter your ticket ID number song with the passenger's last name and hit the 'continue' button to retrieve your flight information. 
  4. Locate the change flight option on the following screen and click on it. 
  5. Make the necessary changes in your itinerary or select a new flight by following the prompted steps to change the ticket of air transat. 
  6. Finally, when you reach the final payment page, make the payment to get the upgraded tickets on your associated mailing address. 

Air Transat Change Flight within 24 Hours 

  • The 24-hour free flight change policy is only applicable on bookings made through the official website or via Air Transat customer service.
  • The 24-hour risk-free flight change time begins once you receive the 13 digit ticket confirmation number of the Air Transat ticket. 
  • Reservations made with Air Transat frequent flyers reward are not eligible for the 24-hour risk-free policy. 
  • All the changes within 24 hours are eligible for a free flight change. 

Hence this is how you can make the required alterations in your existing booking with an Air Transat airline ticket. However, if you wish to waive off the flight change fee, then make sure to keep in mind the 24-hour air transat free flight change policy stated above. If you have any further queries, reach out to the customer support team of air transat Airlines.

Air Transat Change Flight Date

Air Transat is a Canadian airline, and it is ranked the country’s third-largest airline, which provides world-class services to all its customers. It flies to various destinations such as the domestic or international sectors. If you wish to know about the fact, How do I change the date of the Air Transat flight? You will easily come to know that you can easily avail the services of Air Transat you do have to adhere to the terms and conditions of Air Transat and make sure you can get the most effective services to all its customers.

Process of the Air Transat Flight Change 

  • Firstly, do visit the official site of the Air Transat.
  • Do scroll down the screen down there you will find the icon which says manage my booking. 
  • Do put across your details such as the name of the customer, Last name of the customer, or PNR number of the passenger. 
  •  Your reservation will be reverted, and click on the icon which says edit. Do make elements to your existing reservation and change your current date. 
  • You can add on the new date and make sure you add the changes to your existing reservation. 
  • You can easily make necessary changes to the current reservation and make sure you can get the services of the Air-Transat.
  • Once you can make the necessary changes soon, you get the mail on your official mail stating that your reservation is duly confirmed and your changes are duly confirmed. 
  • You have to make necessary changes to your existing reservation and make a payment then and there.  
  • Soon you do get the mail on your official or registered email id stating that your reservation is confirmed and the changes you have made are duly confirmed. 
  •  The changes involve a certain amount of charge that a passenger is supposed to pay, or it completely depends upon the changes you have made to your existing reservation.

If you follow the above-written ways, you will easily know about the Air-Transat Change flight date and what different sets of methods are available through which you can make necessary amendments to your existing reservation. 

Air Transat Date Change Policy

  • As per the date change policy of the air transat, passengers are supposed to make changes within 24 hours. 
  • The amount a passenger is supposed to pay is 100 dollars to 500 dollars, and it completely depends upon the type of changes you are making to your current reservation.

You will easily know the Air transat date change policy and what different sets of modes are available through which you can make necessary changes to our existing reservation. 

A lot bunch of customers has this question in mind How much does it cost to change a flight date in Air Transat and what different set of modes are available through which you can easily able to avail the services of the air transat which does make sure you can grab the most effective services from the air transat and do enjoy their hassle-free services at any given point.


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