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America Airlines is famous for providing the best and most convenient flight booking service on its official website. It allows you to change and cancel your flight when you change your travel plan and prepare your flight journey suitably. If you travel in the main cabin and observe the wrong details in your booking, modify your flight within 24 hours of the booking. If you still need help changing your flight, get the proper information below

American Airlines flight change policy

AA designs the American Airlines flight change policy, which varies on the fare type of your ticket, which helps you change the ticket; therefore, to do this, you have to pursue the policy rules below.

  • American Airlines Basic Economy fares are nonrefundable and non-changeable. It means you cannot change your flight's date, time, or destination, even if you pay a fee. You must keep your seat assignment and add services like checked bags or early boarding.
  • A traveler can change their flight up to 24 hours of departing the flight. However, same-day changes are only allowed on select flights and may incur a fee.
  • For making the change after 24 hours, the airline will take the charges from you.
  • There is no change fee for all other fares for domestic, short-haul international, and select long-haul international flights.
  • To change your flight, you can do so online, through the American Airlines app, or by calling customer service.
  • Also, If you have the AAdvantage program, you are accessible to modify the ticket free of cost.
  • Airlines will allow you to free change if you interact with any medical conditions or have some government issues.
  • In addition, if the airline cancels your flight, according to its policy, the airline allows you to make free changes.

Can you change your flight on American for free?

According to the American Airlines flight change policy, you can change your flight ticket for free on some conditions; however, if you seek how to do this, there are a few simple points similar to those conditions that you should bear out.

  • Avoid flying with the basic economy.
  • Change within 24 hours of booking
  • Using the AAdvantage program allows one to make free change
  • Having medical conditions or having some government issues permits one to make change freely.

How do I change my American Airlines flight?

When your flight is delayed by the airline due to any reason, you will get permission to reschedule your flight without any charges. But you will be asked to pay the services and any differences in the charges depending on the fare type, destination, and booking date easily. You will get easy steps for changing your flight on American Airlines and amending booking details before your flight journey conveniently.

  • First, visit the booking website of American Airlines and go to Manage Trips, which you will find on the booking home page.
  • Enter the passenger's last name and confirmation number code, click on Find Your Trip, and view your booking details smoothly.
  • Go to the flight change and cancelation tab, select the flight you want to modify, and choose the booking, date, and time tabs.
  • You can change the passenger's name and routes or reschedule your flight after canceling your previous flight and smoothly get the next available flight. 

Can I change my American Airlines flight free of charge? 

Yes, you can change your American Airlines flight for free when you initiate the flight change task within 24 hours of the booking. You can also reschedule your flight without paying any charges if you follow the same duration but have to pay the difference in the charges accordingly.  

Can you change a Basic Economy flight to American Airlines?

No, you cannot change a Basic Economy flight to American Airlines. Basic Economy fares are the most restrictive type of ticket designed to usually restrict changes, cancelations, seat selection, and other services.

How much does it cost to change a flight with American Airlines? 

If you go beyond 24-hour flight change on a domestic flight, you will be asked to pay the charges of around $75, and for an international flight journey, you must pay $400 per passenger. You need to check out the international flight change cost that could be separate from the domestic flight change cost depending on the route, fare type, and date booking especially. 


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