How Do I Change My Passenger Name on Pegasus?

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PEGASUS Airlines Name Change

Are you wondering about Pegasus airline's name change, then you have come to the exact right place as we are about to share a few frequently asked questions concerning Pegasus name change for the Pegasus flight booking. Without much ado, let us get straight into this. 

Step: How Do I Change My Passenger Name on Pegasus?

Pegasus airlines allow travelers to make the desired changes to their reserved flights. You can look for my trips section on the website to access the Pegasus airlines change option for your flight reservation. People can stick to the below-mentioned ways in order to make the desired changes to their flights:

  • Open your web browser and navigate to the Pegasus Airlines website. 
  • Once you are on the homepage, passengers can select my trips option on the page. 
  • Select manage my booking option. You will see another page where you need to enter a few details in order to access your reservation with Pegasus. 
  • Enter your reservation reference number followed by your last name and hit the submit option on the page.
  • Select the reservation you wish to change and hit the change flight option. 
  • Proceed to the payments page and complete the payment if applicable.

Travelers will receive a notification from Pegasus airlines on the registered email address or phone number. You will receive a new ticket from the airline. Travelers can reach out to the customer service team at Pegasus airlines for help and support with Pegasus flight change and name change for the flights. No change is allowed after 24 hours to the scheduled departure of the flight.

Can I Change My Name on Pegasus Airlines?

Passengers can make the desired changes to their flights using the change flight section online or contact customer service (+1-802-432-2552) however, Pegasus airline's change name on ticket is not allowed. Travelers cannot transfer their tickets to someone else. 

Travelers are allowed to make corrections to the spelling of their names if applicable. People must connect with the customer service department at Pegasus to get proper details concerning the name change for the reserved flight.

What is the Pegasus Airlines Name Change Policy?

The inclusions of the Pegasus airlines name change policy are as follows: 

  • Pegasus airlines do not allow passengers to make changes to their names as far as the name change policy released by the Pegasus airline is concerned.
  • Pegasus airline allows minor spelling correction on your name and this must be done within 24 hours from the initial reservation with the airline.

Does It Cost To Change Name on the Pegasus Ticket?

Pegasus airlines do not allow name change or ticket transfer as far as the flight is concerned. However, travelers can make the desired spelling changes to their flight tickets purchased at Pegasus for free within 24 hours from the initial flight booking.

How To Change Flight with Pegasus Airlines?

Pegasus Airlines is one of the finest airlines for travelers. On-time service and improved performance of Pegasus Airlines make it more preferable for the passengers to travel. You can get amazing deals and vouchers to make your travel more comfortable. At the same time, the airlines offer various different services to manage your flight reservations without any hassle.

If you are wondering can I change my flight date with Pegasus or not, to let you know, yes, you can surely change your flight reservation with Pegasus airlines. There are online services available to change your flight with more ease. You can go through the guide mentioned below to know more about the same.

How To Change A Flight on Pegasus Airlines?

  • Go to the official website of Pegasus Airlines and log in to the account you have.
  • After logging in, visit the “manage bookings” section of your account.
  • Now, you have to select the flight you wish to change.
  • Click on the “edit” option given at the bottom of that particular flight.
  • Now you have to enter the new departure and arrival dates from the given flight summary and selects the most suitable flight.
  • Proceed to the payment section. Select the mode of payment and make payment for the same.
  • Once your flight is changed, you will get the confirmation mail or a message through the registered phone number.

The most asked question of how to change flight Pegasus has been answered above. Also, before making any changes to your flight, you must go through the flight change policy of Pegasus Airlines which this guide below will help. Some of the major points which the airlines include are given as under.

Pegasus Airlines Flight Change Policy 

  • If you make your flight date change after the expiry period of the allotted time, you will be charged the full amount of fees which is that if ticket.
  • Your flight change fees will depend upon the type of booking, seat class category, your mode of reservation, reason that you have provided to the Airlines.
  • If the request for your flight date change is made through third parties, your request will not be applicable and acceptable by the airline.

If you were wondering about Pegasus airline's change flight fee, for your information, the charges of the flight reservation changes depend upon the type and seat class category that you have booked with Pegasus Airlines. To know more about the services, contact customer support for assistance. All you need to do is:

  • Go to the Pegasus Airlines official website.
  • Pick up and dial the customer care toll-free number.
  • Provide your ticket details along with further information.

So, Pegasus Airlines change flight dates through online services as well as through customer support services. You can any time get assistance for your flight change. If you find any trouble regarding the services offered by the airlines, Use the customer care Email to drop your concern and to make further requests or complaints if any.

What is the date change policy of Pegasus Airlines

The Pegasus Airlines Change Flight Date Policy will help you to make the right decision while making changes because the policy includes the terms and conditions. So the things contained under the policy are 

  • When you make changes within 24 hours of booking, you do not have to pay any charge fee, but the booking is to be made seven days before the flight departure.

  • When the change is made after 24 hours, it will be subject to the change fee, and the cost will depend on your ticket type.

  •  If you care about the discounted ticket, you might not be able to change the date.

  • And when the travel agent has made the booking, you have to establish contact with them for the date change.

How much does Pegasus Airlines charge for Date changes?

When you change the date on Pegasus Airlines after the grace time, the change charge will depend on the fare class. And the Pegasus Flight Date Change Fee starts from 80 USD but find the exact amount and take a hint from the customer support team before applying the changes.

How to change the date from Pegasus Airlines without paying a fee

When you are willing to make a change in your Pegasus Airlines date but do not wish to pay the fee for that, then you can try making changes within the 24 hours of booking, or when you are an elite member of the Pegasus Airlines, then you might get the benefit to make changes for free. Apart from these points, when you have purchased the ticket that allows you to make the changes, you can also perform the free change on Pegasus Airlines.

What is Pegasus Airlines' flight Date Change procedure?

When it is getting difficult to complete the flight change procedure, then under this title, you get a hint related to Pegasus Airlines Change Flight Methods. 

  • Get to the official site of Pegasus Airlines through your internet browser or use the Pegasus Airlines application.

  • Then you have to click on the manage my booking option.

  • As you choose the manage booking option, you have to enter the surname of the passenger and PNR number and tap on the next icon.

  • On the net tab, your booking details will appear and from there, choose to modify and change options.

  • Later on, the list of options will appear for the modification and change; choose the flight option from the right taskbar.

  • When you have chosen the flight, then the alternative flight option will appear on the next page; choose the flight on which you want to get on.

  • As you have selected the flight, you get to complete the payment procedure; if the change is made after 24hours, pay the fare change fee and the fare difference, and tap on the confirm.

  • Now, you will receive your phone number and email address confirmation.

Thus, by reading this title, you have the information related to the date change policy and charges; How can I change my Pegasus flight without paying a fee? And flight change process. And you also to have the customer support option for any issues or doubts.


Yes, passengers can definitely make changes to their flight tickets. Certain circumstances will force travelers to reschedule their flight tickets to another date. This can be due to the sudden changes in plan or because of the covid situation. To know the porches of changing the flight tickets, passengers can follow the steps that are mentioned below:


Here are the points to follow for changing Pegasus flight tickets:

Being a low-cost airline in Turkey, Pegasus helps the passengers to make the changes according to their choices. Hence, the process is as follows:

  • First, open the official site of Pegasus Airline son the internet browser. 
  • Navigate the ‘my trip’ section from the top of the page.
  • Enter the PNR credentials like the last name and reservation number of the airline 
  • From the new page, select ‘change flight option,’ and details of the fight will show up.
  • Click on the date, and enter the new date on the section when the traveler wants to go for their future journey.
  • Now click on the ‘change button.’ the flight tickets will get changed by the airline.
  • The confirmation message will be sent to the travelers on their contact number.

Yes, passengers can easily change their flight seats after booking the flights on Pegasus Airlines. Some travelers are confused about whether they can make the changes in flight seats after booking or not. To know the steps to make the changes on flight seats as per your choice, follow the given steps:

  • Sign in to the official site of Pegasus Airlines.
  • Go directly to the ‘My Trip’ section of the homepage. Enter the information as asked in the dashboard by the airline. 
  • The new page will appear, select the ‘change seat’ option, and a seat map will prompt on the screen.
  • Select the seat, if any, available for the upgrading. Pay the fees for the flight changes made for their journey.
  • If any charges are applied to the changes, pay the fees accordingly. 
  • The new tickets with th notification of changes made in the flight will be sent to the airline's customer. 

The travelers must go through the terms and conditions of the airline regarding the changes they have to make on their Pegasus flight tickets. These rules will guide the travelers to avoid mistakes and keep in mind the airlines' policies. The change flight policies of the airline are as follows:


Flight change policies of Pegasus:

  • To change the flight tickets for free of cost, try to change them within the day o purchasing.
  • Changes will be costs applied if the flight tickets are changed after 24 hours of reservation on Pegasus Airlines. 
  • For the elite members of the airlines, there will be no charges applied for making any changes in the flight tickets.
  • If there is any condition regarding the no-show up of the travelers the changing of flights, they will be charged with the fees. 
  • The changes could be made five to six hours prior to the scheduled flight time.
  • There will be no cages for the used or expired flight tickets.

The changes on the flight tickets can be made free of cost if they are changed within 24 hours of buying. This can be done if the flight tickets are bought seven days before the departure time of Pegasus Airline's flight timing.

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