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Want To Change Your Turkish Airlines? Here Is A Comprehensive Guide To Help You

Turkish Airlines is one of the most customer-friendly airlines considered for its flight change policy. The airline enables you to bring required changes in your reservation if you face irregularities in continuing the trip. However, if you wish to change, you must adhere to the flight change policy.

Do you want to learn about the Turkish Airlines flight date change policy? This guide can be sufficient. Here, you can find all-inclusive details about changing a flight hassle-free, so dive in and make an informative decision on the same!

Steps To Bring Change Your Flight: Turkish Airlines

Bringing changes to your flight is not a tough task; you are required to follow some easy and doable steps. The below mentioned are the essential procedure for your reference:

  • First off, land on the official Turkish Airlines website and then navigate the Manage Trip tab.(080005 01565)
  • Provide important flight details and tap on the Find Trip option; choose the reservation you want to amend.
  • Change the credentials as per your requirement and choose from the best available option to suit your new itinerary.
  • However, if there are any flight change charges, proceed forward by paying them.
  • Wait for the transaction completion, and the airline sends you an updated invoice for your new flight.

These are the steps to look after if you wonder how do I change my flight with Turkish Airlines. But, you can only bring changes if you comply with the terms and conditions of the airline. The next section contains important highlights about the flight change regulations of the airline.

Ways To Change Flight Policy of Turkish Airlines

Below-mentioned is some of the highlighted change policies as mentioned by Turkish Airlines to ease your experience:

  • The flight change policy of the airline states that if you did not buy the ticket directly from the airline, you need to pay the full fare against the change fee and reissue the ticket using the source of purchase.
  • If you booked a round trip and need to know can I change my return date on Turkish Airlines, the answer is yes? However, it would help if you made the changes before using the ticket, or else the airline exempts you from doing so.
  • You can process the change for free if you do it within the risk-free period as decided by the airline. But, the zero change fees are applicable for refundable tickets only.
  • To maintain flexibility and ease of experience, the airline allows you to make changes as late as 24 hours before departure.
  • If you choose a Turkish flight that is more expensive than the previous one, you need to pay the fare difference.

Turkish Airlines Date Change Policy

  • The date change policy of Turkish Airlines states that you cannot change the journey dates on the same day of departure.
  • You can bring the said date changes by contacting the airline customer service, and you need to pay some additional charges towards it.
  • The date change of any itinerary is subject to availability. You can bring date modifications provided that the new route and cabin class match precisely with the original itinerary.

But if you fail to complete the formalities within the set standard time, the airline imposes change fees. However, the flight change fees at Turkish Airlines vary as per your chosen route. The next section can guide you efficiently about flight change charges that apply depending on your ticket type.

Turkish Airlines flight change fee

You cannot enjoy anything for free for a longer period, and just like that, you need to pay the Turkish Airlines flight change fee if you fail to abide by the conditions. Get some important points regarding the charges if you booked a Turkish Airlines reservation for: 

International Route

  • If your flight covers an international route, you need to pay around 200-400 USD change charges for your long-haul flights.
  • The airline allegedly charges 20 to 30% of the total airfare against the flight modification for some extraordinary situations.
  • However, if you want same-day changes on your flight, you need to pay 70% of the total airfare to process the changes.

Domestic Route

  • Recently the airline has revised the flight change charges for short-haul flights. Now, you need to pay between 60-120 USD for the same.
  • Additionally, the airline provides relief by waiving the charges if your departure schedule falls between the COVID period.
  • Moreover, to make changes on the same day as departure, you must pay the entire ticket value against the change.

The charges differ based on the change that you require from the airline. So, the main intent of the Turkish Airlines flight change policy is to benefit travelers who face travel irregularities. Take help from the given article if you have any concerns regarding the flight change. However, you can contact the airline’s professionals anytime you are stuck in a demanding situation throughout the journey!

Important Things To Consider About Name Change at Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines allows its passengers to make name corrections up to a few characters. So, if you mistakenly misspelled the name while booking a ticket, do not sweat about it. The airline helps you find an easy and understandable name change policy to lead a seamless booking experience. 

Reading this article can benefit you as here you can find several essential points to go through while making name changes; have a happy reading!

How to change name on flight ticket Turkish Airlines?

Rely on the following steps and bring correction in the name if you have a Turkish Airlines booking:

  • Open the official Turkish Airlines website and navigate the Manage Booking tab.
  • Once you click the Manage Booking section, you must enter important credentials like the booking reference number and passenger’s last name.
  • Fix the spelling and up to four characters and tap the Save button.
  • On the checkout page, you need to pay the applicable name change charges, if any.
  • The airline sends you the name change confirmation email on the given email address.

 The steps to bringing the name change to Turkish Airlines are easy, aren’t they? But to make the said changes, you must keep in mind some basic terms and conditions associated with it.

Can I change passenger name in flight ticket Turkish Airlines?

Turkish Airlines clarifies that you cannot swap the passenger’s name and transfer the ticket to someone else. You can make name changes up to four characters only in either first name, middle name, or surname. 

Do Turkish Airlines allow name changes?

Yes, you can make some modifications to your reserved Turkish Airlines reservation. But, make sure that the changes you bring do not affect the passenger’s name as mentioned on the government-issued IDs. There are other similar important terms and conditions mentioned by Turkish Airlines:

  • The airline allows you to make name changes only if you own a confirmed reservation from the airline.
  • Also, you don’t get the name change permission if you made a genuine mistake while booking the ticket.
  • You can make name changes only if:
  1. The airline misspelled the name 
  2. You want to add or remove the English name; this regulation generally concerns the Chinese guests.
  3. You want to change the surname in case of marriage or divorce.
  • However, the name change at Turkish Airlines is subject to availability, meaning that you cannot make any change if the airline disapproves.
  • You can add or remove the middle name in your reservation; however, the airline requires you to generate a new PNR to bring such change.
  • If you booked a group ticket from Turkish Airlines and want to make name changes, you must separate that particular booking from the rest of the group. Once you split the booking, make the required changes and regenerate a new PNR for the same reservation. 

Turkish Airlines name change cost

Turkish Airlines' name change fees are up to 300 USD and are applicable once you get the ticket number from the airline. The name change cost also depends on the service class, fare type, trip type, and the time of change request.

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