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Guidelines on changing a flight with United Airlines

Sometimes, a person with a reservation at United Airlines has to change the flight as per their situation. Not always things go as per the schedule, and some modifications will be needed. Therefore, United Airlines allows the passengers to change the flight as they want instead of canceling the whole reservation, which makes it simple for the passengers. 

United Flight Change Policy

Several policies are introduced by United Airlines to change a flight. Those policies are mentioned below that you can consider:

  • The change should be requested at United prior to the take-off of the reserved flight. 
  • Changes such as date, time, and destination are allowed under the policy. 
  • Depending on fare and time, Some charges will apply for changing a flight.
  • There can be fare differences between the new and previous reservations. If the new reservation fare is higher, the passenger should pay the difference fare.
  • The reservation done by a third party could not be changed directly from United; one must contact the same party for the change request. 

How do you change a flight on United Airlines?

For passengers who want to learn about how they can make changes on their flight at United Airlines, the website itself can be used for the same. Following are the guidelines for changing a flight online:

  • Reach the homepage of United Airlines,
  • Select the “My Trips” column,
  • Enter your confirmation number and last name in the provided space,
  • Then click the Search button,
  • Your booking with United Airlines will show on the screen,
  • Now you have to opt for the suitable change option,
  • Set the search flight preference as per the need,
  • Find a suitable flight from the availability,
  • Proceed to pay the required amount (change fee and fare difference),
  • Then, your flight reservation at United Airlines will be updated,
  • You will receive an email on your flight change with details. 

In case you are not able to make changes to the reservation for some reason, you could connect to a representative at United customer service and request the change you need by sharing the exciting flight details. 

How can I change my United flight without paying a fee?

The United flight can only be changed without any fee when you request the required change within 24 hours of completing the reservation. When a person makes a change before spending 24 hours from the time of reservation, they can benefit from the free changes on the flight ticket. 

Same day United flight changed policy

For some reason, if you want a reservation on another flight at United Airlines on the same day, the policies that will be applied are as follows:

  • The same-day flight change allows a person to get a new booking 24 hours prior to or after the original departure.
  • The passengers are needed to pay the fare difference for the same-day flight changes.
  • The premier members are allowed to change the flight on the same day and in the same cabin without paying any additional charges. 

How much is the fee to change a flight on United Airlines?

The fee to change a flight on United Airlines varies between $5 to $100. The fee at United will be calculated based on your fare condition and the change you want on your trip. 


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