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Guidelines on changing a flight with United Airlines

Sometimes, a person with a reservation at United Airlines has to change the flight as per their situation. Not always things go as per the schedule, and some modifications will be needed. Therefore, United Airlines allows the passengers to change the flight as they want instead of canceling the whole reservation, which makes it simple for the passengers. 

Does United Airlines let you change your flight?

Yes, United Airlines would let you change your flight. But when you have purchased the basic economy or non-refundable fare, then you might not switch to the new flight. However, if the airline has made an alternate arrangement by canceling an original flight and the reason is within your controllable jurisdiction, then every fare is competent to implement the change. Aside from this, change is also dependent on the regulation of your purchase ticket. 

What is the United flight change policy?

In order to switch to a new flight on United Airlines, you have to be accompanied by the regulations laid out. However, those regulations can be traced from their policies, which have been defined at the bottom:-

  • When you implement the change within 24 hours of purchase, and there is a gap of seven days or more in the flight departure, then you cannot change with any kind of penalty.
  • If a process is conducted outside of operating hours, then you have to pay a fee, and it could depend on the airfare as well as routes.
  • A MileagePlus status, and then you can have a complimentary change. 
  • When you have to switch to a new flight because of a medical emergency or illness, then your change could be uplifted, but a document in relation to this needs to be approved by the airline. 
  • The ticket that is purchased through the travel agent is responsible for making a change, not the airline.

How can I change my flight without paying a fee to United

United Allows you to change a flight without paying a fee for some conditions and flight tickets. Further, this is within 24 hours of booking, premium member, flexible fares, and so on. If you are in any of these conditions, then you can use the methods that have been displayed below for implementation. 

Call the United Airlines for a change

The procedure for change could be a complicated path, but you can avoid that by reaching out to customer service over a call. Here, you can acknowledge that, whether you get to pay a fee for a change or not. For that, you can dial the United Airlines phone number,

Carry out change over online modes

A call might include a modification feed for a change, and to save those, you get to use online modes. If you need a hint for carrying out the task, have been displayed at the bottom:-

  • Head to the official site of United Airlines 
  • Later, choose my trip options and submit your booking reference number with your surname
  • Further, click on the change flight icon and then choose one
  • Once you complete the onscreen process, then updated details can be shared over the registered email.  

Same day United flight changed policy

For some reason, if you want a reservation on another flight at United Airlines on the same day, the policies that will be applied are as follows:

  • The same-day flight change allows a person to get a new booking 24 hours prior to or after the original departure.
  • The passengers are needed to pay the fare difference for the same-day flight changes.
  • The premier members are allowed to change the flight on the same day and in the same cabin without paying any additional charges. 

How much is the fee to change a flight on United Airlines?

The fee to change a flight on United Airlines varies between $5 to $100. The fee at United will be calculated based on your fare condition and the change you want on your trip. 


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