How Do I Change my Flight Date on Thai Lion Air?

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Thai lion air gives the freedom to fly anywhere at a low-cost flight fare. If you have the existing booking with Thai lion air and wish to change the flight date due to any unexpected circumstances, here is how you can do it. Though there are many ways to change the flight date, for now, the online process is given down below:

  • Launch the official website of Thai lion air website with the help of your desktop or PC using a reliable web engine. 
  • Once you arrive on the homepage, locate the tab of “flight, manage booking, flight status, web chevin, and car rental,” then choose the ‘manage booking’ option.
  • Enter your flight PNR number and first/last name of the passenger, then click on the ‘manage booking’ button to get your ticket information. 
  • Navigate the modify flight button and click on it. 
  • Follow the prompted steps to change the date of your Thai lion air ticket and choose a suitable flight for you as per your preference.
  • Finally, get through the ‘review and payment’ page to make the required payment of the remaining value if necessary, and you will get the updated confirmed ticket.

Besides this, passengers can also call on the toll-free number of the Thai lion air customer service to request a flight date change.

Can you change the Thai Lion Air flight ticket date?

If you ever wish to know whether you can change the date on your existing Thai lion air

flight ticket, then here is the answer. Though there are certain rules and conditions that apply to the changes given below: 

  • If you change your Thai lion air booking within 24 hours of making a purchase, there is no change fee incurred per the 24-hour risk-free flight date change policy of Thai lion air. 
  • All the new dates that a passenger wishes to get the tickets are subject to availability with the Thai lion air airlines. 
  • No date changes are allowed once your that lion air flight has taken off from the origin. 
  • A flight date change fee is imposed on the bookings modified after the risk-free period, which is within 24 hours of booking a reservation. 
  • The flight date fee charged by the airlines depends on certain parameters such as time left in your departure, ticket type, condition, cabin, and route. 
  • If the flight are of your new Thai lion air flight is higher than the previous one, then the difference amount has to be paid by the passengers. 
  • If the original price of your flight is higher than the new one, then the remaining value will be transferred back to your account.

Thai Lion Air Change Flight Date Fee

The flight date change fee depends on the time left in departure and the time of making changes along with the route, ticket type, and condition. Here is the date change fee is given below:

  • A flight date change fee of USD 22 onwards is applicable on the bookings that are being changed after the risk-free period of Thai lion air airlines. 
  • If you wish to get away from the flight date change fee, make sure to change the date within 24 hours of purchasing a ticket and at least seven days before departure day. 
  • Make all the changes at least before 4 hours from your departure time of the Thai lion air flight. 

Thai Lion Air Change Policy

Thai lion air airlines provide the flexibility of changing a flight with some terms and conditions that are highlighted down below: 

  • You can make all the necessary changes in your Thai lion air itinerary 4 hours before departure time. 
  • Once the flight has taken off, there is no chance of making any changes regarding the date, route, name, or cabin. 
  • All the changes done within 24 hours of booking are free of cost. Only the fare difference has to be paid. 
  • Depending on your ticket condition, a date change fee is applied to the booking that is modified after a risk-free period. 
  • All the changes in your Thai lion air flight date can be done via the official website or through the call center of Thai lion air airlines.

For further inquiries regarding your flight changes, you can reach out to the Thai lion air customer service through call, email, chat, etc.

How To Change my Flight on Lion Air?

If you wish to change flight due to a sudden plan, you will have to get through some simple steps that you will get here below as discussed for your guidance and help. Now to know how do I change my flight on Lion Air, you will have to go by such points through which you change flight options according to your change of plan as discussed below.

Steps to change a flight on Lion Air:

  • First off, go to the official website of the airline.
  • You will log in to your account using the correct user ID and password.
  • After that, you will click over the manage booking tab.
  • Next, here you have to enter the booking reference number and last name of the passenger.
  • Then select your booking, which you need to modify, and then select the change option
  • After which, you will appropriately change the date, time, and destination for your travel
  • Further, you will have to pay accordingly if any is available for the change.
  • At last, you will receive a confirmation email or text message regarding the change you made to your itinerary. 

How Can I Reschedule my Flight To Lion Air?

Well, if you have planned a journey but due to some external hindrances you cannot travel on your departure time which you previously scheduled, you must know about How do I reschedule my flight on Lion Air, with some simple steps as discussed below for your reference.

Key Perks To Reschedule Lion Air Flight:

  • Visit airlines official site homepage by the local web browser
  • Now you will click on the manage booking tab
  • There enter ticket reference number with the last name of the passenger
  • Click on the search tab
  • Now you have to choose your booking and cancel your current booking
  • Next, tap over reschedule tab, wherein you need to enter the date, time, class, and destination accordingly
  • Then make payment as per the fare difference if available
  • In the end, after complete verification, you will receive a confirmation email to reschedule your new flight.


Many passengers want to check their flight status at the time they want. Lion airlines provide the facility to their passenger to check the flight status. Lion air flight status facility helps the passenger to make plans according to the flight status.

Steps to check lion air flight status:

  • First, go to the official website of the lion airlines 
  • In the following, the passenger has to select the option of checking the flight status 
  • After that passenger has to fill in the details of the reference number and last name of the passenger 
  • Now they have to select the origin airport and destination airport
  • After filling that passenger need to fill flight date and flight number. Now click the option of checking the flight.

The above steps help the passenger check their flight status. Suppose if the passenger still has any queries left, they will have to call the passenger care number and get the solution. 

If you wish to reschedule your already booked Thai Lion Air flight, you must always refer to the guidelines mentioned by the airline. A quick overview of the same is given below:

  1. Flight rescheduling is only available for the requests made at least 4 hours before the departure time.

  2. If the price of a newly purchased flight is less than the original flight, then the differential amount is nonrefundable to the customers.

  3. If the price of the updated flight is more than what passengers need to pay, the remaining amount before the booking is completed.

  4. If you need to reschedule your flight, then you must pay the processing fee.

  5. Flight rescheduling costs an Admin fee of 750 Baht per person/sector.

Yes, you can reschedule your Thai Lion Air Flight for free if you proceed to request flight rescheduling within the time limit indicated by the airlines. The guidelines of Thai Lion Air clearly state that any flight change made within 24 hours of booking is eligible for free cancellation. According to the airline's 24-hour policy, the airline will not charge you any amount if you reschedule your flight within 24 hours of purchase.

If you wish to modify your Thai Lion Air tickets, then you must take care of the time deadline.

The airline mentions in its terms & conditions that if any passenger wants to reschedule his flight due to any reason, then they must do it anytime after flight confirmation to at least 4 hours before the departure time of the flight. Any flight change made after this interval, if the time left is less than 4 hours in departure, it is not permitted.

If you somehow end up entering the incorrect passport number in your flight booking, then you can avail yourself of the option of changing or edit passport number. You need to check the official website and navigate to manage booking options. Now, after discovering your flight, you can either correct your password number if you find the editable passport change field or, if it is not mentioned there, you need to contact the embassy to update your password number.

If you desire to change your detail, like a name change or gender change on tickets, then you must follow any of the following options:

1)Via sending an email to

2)Via live chat option: visit the official website, navigate to the contact us option, enter your query in the space available, and click on send. You will be assigned a representative to solve your issue.

3)Contact the call center available 24 hours.(+66)2- 539-9999


Always keep the following points in mind:

1)Once your reservation is confirmed, you can only request to change details up to 24 hours before departure time. After that, it is not possible.

2)Only corrections can be made up to three characters of a name; complete name change is not allowed.

3)You can change the passenger's gender-free of cost, but if more than three characters of the name are changed, then you will be charged.


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