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Things To Know About Flight Date Change At Delta Airlines 

Delta Airlines understands a sudden change in travel plans followed by personal or professional reasons. That is why you find a flexible flight date change policy of the airline. The airline allows you to change the chosen journey date, destination, name, and routes, depending upon its necessity. 

But, before you go ahead and bring changes to your itinerary, you must keep a thorough detail about the change policy and method. There are several efficient methods to bring changes to your trip. This article covers all-inclusive details about finding a reschedule and some regulations associated with it; let’s learn more about it!

How To Change Delta Airlines Flight Ticket

No matter which fare type you booked: refundable, non-refundable, and award tickets, you can bring changes by using two methods-


  • Open Delta Airlines' official homepage and log into your account.
  • Once you access the account, visit the My Trips section.
  • Enter the required credentials like the ticket confirmation number/ booking reference number and last name.
  • Choose the reservation you wish to reschedule and then proceed further by selecting the Modify Flight option.
  • Make necessary changes in the journey dates and tap the Start Flight Change button.
  • Now the airline shows you a list of available flight options suiting your new itinerary preference; choose one that completes your requirements.
  • Next, you need to checkout by paying the applicable flight change fee along with the fare difference, if any.
  • Wait until the transaction completes; the airline sends you the new flight’s confirmation invoice on your registered email ID.

Contact Delta Customer Service

  • Dial the Delta Reservation Center number and wait until you hear OC prompts from the other end.
  • The voice guides you with several options; keep tapping the required number keys that lead you to the airline's reservation center.
  • Once someone answers the call, ask them politely to reschedule your itinerary.
  • The agent might require credentials like the passenger’s full name, ticket number, and contact information to access the reservation.
  • Provide details about the change you require and choose a flight from the available option as presented by the executive.
  • If they need additional information, provide it and wait for a while as they process the reschedule for you.
  • Now complete the formality by filling out the payment form as sent by the agent.
  • You receive a reschedule confirmation email after the completion of the transaction.

So, use any of the mentioned methods, and you can bring changes to your old itinerary to get a new one. But, if you make changes in your flight after the risk-free period, you need to pay some additional charges. Check out the next section to find more information about the Delta flight change charges.

Can I change Delta flight date for free?

Delta Airlines allows you to make changes in your flight for free if:

The airline issues the ticket directly, and you complete the changes within a day of its booking.

  1. You have military or government reservations.
  2. You are eligible for same-day confirmed changes.
  3. The airline delayed, canceled, or rescheduled your flight abruptly.
  4. You have a SkyMiles upgrade.

If you wish to make the changes for free, you must qualify for at least one of the given scenarios. 

How to avoid Delta flight change fee?

Get help from the given mentioned points, and you might be able to find some efficient ways to skip the Delta change fee:

Make Changes Flight Within 24 Hours

  • Delta Airlines provides a 24-hour change window for all of its tickets so that a passenger can lead a hassle-free experience.
  • As per the 24 hours change policy, a traveler can change the ticket within 24 hours of the booking for free, provided that they booked the ticket at least seven days before the departure.

Purchase Refundable Tickets

  • If you have a flexible or refundable ticket from the airline, you can make changes as per your requirement with greater flexibility.
  • The charges to change a refundable ticket are way lower than the non-refundable tickets.

Delta Airlines Date Change Policy

If you wish to bring any considerable changes to your itinerary, you must do it within the airline’s standard policy. As per the date change policy of Delta Airlines, you can bring changes to your reservation only if you directly bought the ticket from the airline. 

Also, the date change at Delta Airlines is subject to availability as you might not be able to reschedule the flight if there are no seats available. Consider contacting the Delta Airlines customer support team for more information on the date change policy.

How To Change Name At Delta Airlines

If you have committed an error in entering your name while making the flight reservation with Delta Airlines, there is no compelling reason to stress over it. Delta Airlines permits its travelers to make changes in their name to guarantee their comfort. 

The techniques of Delta airlines name change is exceptionally straightforward, and changes should be possible within no time that too in a problem-free way. You can follow the steps given beneath to change the name on Delta Airlines: 

  • Visit the official website of Delta Airlines.

  • Click on it to manage my travel. 

  • Now, you will be coordinated to a page where you will be approached to enter the flight ticket details. Then, Enter your flight ticket number and your last name. 

  • Click on the Next option. 

  • Choose the booking in which you wish to change your name. 

  • Now, click on the Edit choice.

  • You will be given 3 phases of changing your flight. The First will be to change the plan details, then, at that point, change in flight details, and the third will be to change the individual information. You may jump to the third stage straightforwardly to change your name.

  • Now refer to the carefully guided change your Delta Airlines ticket name.

  • In the wake of making changes, click on Confirm and browse your enlisted email id for the new ticket with the changed name imprinted on it.

Delta Airlines Name change rules

As per Delta Airlines, name change rules and regulations do not allow changing the ownership from one passenger to another passenger. To change the name on the Delta Airlines flight ticket, the following conditions must be met.  

  • Delta Airlines should book the flight, and the flight ticket should start with 006. 

  • In the case of the codeshares, the delta name change on the flight ticket can only be processed on Delta flights. 

  • Only one reissue of the flight ticket is allowed. 

  • According to Delta airlines name change policy, no change would be allowed to the flight dates, fare class, and destinations. 

  • The only minor name change is allowed, or up to three letters.

  • Changing the Delta gender or birth would only be covered on the Delta name change. 

  • Minor changes would be allowed to the birth and the date errors committed when making the flight booking. 

  • Delta name change includes one name correction per individual. 

  • All the other changes to the passenger's personal details would not be covered under the Delta name change policy. 

  • If Delta airline's name change has been processed once and requires further changes, the flight tickets need to be reissued a second time. 

Delta Airlines' Name Change Policy

Whenever at least one of the accompanying prohibitions apply, kindly contact Delta Reservations for help. Most minor name changes might be made without reaching Delta for help. Keep these rules for name changes that happen previously or after tagging to guarantee that the PNR is recorded accurately and to stay away from the cancellation of the PNR. 

The Delta airlines name change policy helps to change the name or make corrections. To change the name on the Delta flight tickets, it is recommended that all the passengers meet the conditions provided by the policy. It also provides, when and how you make changes in your delta flight tickets, the customer will be able to make changes in the name by following the process given under Delta Airline name change policy. 

As mentioned above, the traveler should meet all the conditions before making the changes and get an allowance to change the name on the delta flight tickets. Given beneath are some of these: 

  • The customer can request to change or make corrections in the name in case of a minor spelling mistake. 

  • Delta airlines allow you to change your last name if the traveler gets married or divorced. 

  • The customers are permitted to change their nickname to the legal name on the flight ticket. 

  • The customers can change the name or make corrections in the Delta Airlines middle name on the flight ticket without changing the last one. 

  • Simple additions to the name can also be made. 

  • The customer can correct the inverted name on the ticket or switch their first name and last name on the flight reservation. 

What amount does it cost you to change the name on the Delta flight tickets?

Before you roll out any improvements in your name, then it is prescribed to go through the details. If you incorrectly spelled your name or entered your first name in the last name or the other way around, Delta permits you to change your name within 24 hours of your flight booking. Furthermore, delta airlines won't charge quite a bit of your sum. However, if you are making changes in the following 24 hours of your booking, the Delta flight name change fee would be around $75-$500.

 In any case, If you register, then you can not change your name on Delta airlines. The charges will be founded on the accompanying circumstances:

  • Reasons behind rolling out an improvement.

  • Sort of progress.

  • Some ticket a traveler has

These are the most superficial details of the Delta airline name change that can assist you with changing your name without confronting any trouble. You can likewise contact customer service via Delta airlines name change phone number to get help changing your name with Delta Airlines. However, Before doing the name change, you need to go through the Delta Airlines name change policy and different details to check whether or not you want to change your name


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