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While making the reservation for your Emirates flight, if you mistakenly entered your name incorrectly or want to change your last or middle name. Then, you can proceed with the Emirates Airlines name change process. The process can be done in different ways, as you can request a name change by calling the Airline's customer support, else you can make it through the Emirate's official website, or you can request the live person at the airport ti make the changes to your name on the ticket.

Can you change passenger name on Emirates ticket?

You can not transfer your flight ticket to someone else or change your name completely on the Emirates flight ticket. The Airline allows you to change up the top 4 characters in the name or the last and the middle name. If you have legally changed your name, you can get your name on the flight ticket, but for that, you need to provide your documents to the Airline.

Can we change name of the person after booking Emirates flight?

Yes, you can change the person's name after booking an Emirates flight ticket as if you entered your name incorrectly while making the reservation. However, certain terms and conditions apply to the Emirate name change process. Below mentioned are a few of the following.

  • Your Emirates name change process should be completed before the 2 hours of your flight departure.
  • With Emirates Airlines, you can not change your name completely on the flight ticket.
  • The airline allows you to change up to 4 characters in your name with your last and middle name.
  • You can not transfer your flight ticket to another person at Emirates; instead, change the name completely.
  • Once the name correction process is over, you must check-in for your flight again for the seat selection process.

Can you transfer a Emirates ticket to someone else's name?

Emirates does not allow transferring a flight ticket to someone else's name. But if you are not using your flight ticket and are willing to book for another person, then you have to cancel your flight ticket, and with the convenience of the refund, you can book another flight with Emirates. 

What happens if name is spelled wrong on Emirates flight?

You can correct the name misspelled on the Emirates flight ticket. It is important that your name appears on the flight ticket and should match up with your government documents as per the security rules. To begin with the name change process, read the points cited below.

  • Call the Emirates Airlines customer support helpline number and ask the agent on the call for a name change. Provide the change you want to make to your name, and the agent will help you with assistance.
  • You can also get the name changed through the website of the Airline, where you can make the corrections to your name as per the requirement, and the agent will help you with the corrections.
  • Visit the Airport and speak to the live person at the Emirates ticket counter to make the changes to your name.


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