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If your flight got canceled due to weather, you could get a full refund not in the form of a voucher or credit wallet but as real money back to your original payment option. Other than this, if your flight gets canceled due to weather, then the airline will schedule an alternative flight within a few hours, and if the next flight scheduled is after 3 hours, then the authority will make you stay in their hotel for these hours where you can take rest while waiting for your flight. But airlines only provide the hotel if the condition gets worse, which cannot be handled or in extreme weather conditions, then only you can expect a canceled flight hotel compensation. 

According to the airline’s policy, if you have paid through cash, then the authority will pay your refund within 24 hours or immediately in your given account details on the other hand, if it is paid through e-banking, credit, or debit card, then the money will be refunded within seven days. 

What happens if a flight is canceled?

If the flight gets canceled, then fortunately, most airlines will reschedule a flight for free to your destination, but the condition is that the new flight should have available seats. 

If your flight gets canceled, you are eligible to receive a refund for the unused flight ticket, which is also applicable for the non-refundable tickets. You will also get a refund for your baggage fee as well as for the extra options, such as a seat assignment.  

In case you get a voucher from the airline authority rather than refund money, then please be aware of the expiration dates, limits on the number of seats as well as advanced booking requirements coming with the voucher’s benefit. 

What rights in case of flight cancellation?

In case your flight gets canceled, then there are some of your rights as a passenger by using that you can claim for the compensation. 

If your respective flight gets delayed by more than 6 hours, then you need to communicate with the airline to reschedule the time more than 24 hours prior to the original departure time of the flight and offer passengers a full refund, or you can get an alternative flight.

As a passenger, you should ask for a free stay if the flight departs between 8 am to 3 pm, as well as if it is delayed for 6 hours.

Are flights canceled due to storms?

Yes, your flight got canceled due to storms, and you will also be entitled to compensation in the following event mentioned below. 

  • In case other flights are taking off at the same time, and your flight was not exceeding 6 hours ago.
  • You arrived at the check-in counter on time.
  • Your flight is taken off within the EU or landed in the EU as well as the airline must be based in the EU.
  • You have arrived at the destination airport at least 3 hours later.

In what weather are flights canceled?

There are some of the weather conditions in which your flight got canceled because it got unsuitable for the flight to take off, so you can go through the below-mentioned type of weather conditions.

  • The first one is the ash cloud. This happens when a natural disaster happens, and it is a force majeure. Due to this condition, the air traffic gets affected, which makes it difficult for the airline to operate the flight. The ash cloud can be dangerous as it disrupts the vision of the pilots as well as it highly affects the sensors, which are related to the height and speed measuring and can disturb the accuracy.
  • The second one is the adverse weather conditions in which the aircraft remains on the ground for much time and takes off later when something extreme happens in the climate. The climate conditions are heavy snow, storm, freezing rain, and fog which exempt the airlines from paying the compensation.
  • The third one is the most dangerous, which is the stormy front when all the flights get canceled. Still, there is no compensation in that scenario when the previous flight has been ordered to land in an emergency, which leads to the next flight getting delayed or canceled. 

When are you entitled to flight compensation?

  • You are entitled to get the flight compensation if the respective airline is unable to inform you regarding the cancellation within the given time period of a minimum of two weeks in advance. 
  • You will also get compensation if the replacement flight is delayed by more than 2 hours, as well as if the flight has been canceled within less than 14 days prior to the flight departure. 

When does an airline not have to pay compensation?

If there is a delay in case your flight of over 3 hours due to technical issues, then you can ask for compensation. But sometimes, under some scenarios, the technical issue is extraordinary, and it is a part of a manufacturing defect. Then during such a defect, the airline will not pay compensation.

How do I apply for flight cancellation compensation?

You can apply for flight cancellation compensation through online and offline methods. The online method is that you can check the cancel confirmation mail where the link is given. Click on it to open a compensation form, fill it and submit it to the airline authority. 

You can also connect with the customer service executive for your flight cancellation compensation through a toll-free number available on the site.


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