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Know Better About the Condor Airlines Cancellation and Refund Regulations

Condor Airlines is one of the most renowned airlines of all time because of its cancellation and refund policies. Traveling is an uncertain event as no one can be sure about the irregularities that could happen in the future; that is why the airline has released such flexible policies to satisfy your changing needs. However, if you wish to cancel a Condor reservation and get a refund for it, you must adhere to the terms and conditions.

Do you want help in understanding the cancellation and refund regulations? This article can be an annotated guide for your reference. Keep rolling to learn essential policy and make an informed decision.

Condor Airlines Flight Ticket Cancellation Procedure

Canceling a flight ticket at Condor Airlines is easy; you need to follow some easy-to-comprehend steps, and you are good to go! Want to know the steps? Check out the given pointers:

  • Open the official Condor Airlines web portal and look for the My Booking tab; click it.
  • Choose the source of your flight purchase and enter the booking number or check-in reference number, the date of your outbound flight, and your username.
  • Access your booking, go for the cancellation tab, and select the reservation you wish to cancel.
  • Now, follow the prompted instructions while providing mandated information to support your cancellation.
  • Moreover, the airline might require you to provide reasons for the cancellation; abide by each condition.
  • If Condor applies any cancellation charges, you need to pay them using your preferred payment option.
  • The airline sends you the cancellation confirmation on your email ID upon the transaction completion.

You can rely on the given steps to cancel your reservation, and if you wish to claim a refund, you can do it right after submitting the cancellation form. Before you process anything, check out the next segment and understand the cancellation terms and conditions effective at Condor Airlines.

Condor Airlines Cancellation Policy

Need to cancel your reservation? Comply with the discussed terms and conditions:

  • The airline lets you cancel your reservation free of charge if you do it on the same day as booking. Also, to benefit from this cancellation policy, the airline mandates that you book the ticket at least seven days before the departure schedule.
  • If Condor itself cancels your reservation, the airline is liable to provide compensation for the disruption caused.
  • But, the airline provides the compensation only if it fails to provide the information regarding the cancellation two weeks before the flight is scheduled to depart.
  • The airline imposes cancellation charges ranging between 100-500 USD, depending on the fare rule imposed while booking the ticket. The charges are effective only if you fail to comply with the instructions.
  • You can even cancel your non-refundable ticket unless the fare rule suggests otherwise.

These were some general cancellation terms and conditions effective at Condor Airlines. But, the airline keeps updating its policy to satisfy extraordinary scenarios like the pandemic caused by COVID-19.

Condor Airlines COVID 19 Cancellation Policy

Here are the cancellation deals to understand if your flight is disrupted due to COVID 19 or you cancel the reservation for the same reason:

  • The airline provides you a flexible opportunity to cancel the reservation if you get the virus or recently contacted someone who might have the virus.
  • If you cancel your reservation due to COVID 19 prohibitions, there are chances that you can get a full refund.
  • However, if the airline itself cancels your reservation due to the escalation of the COVID scenario, it compensates you with flight credits; you need to use the credit before it expires.
  • Generally, the refund flight credit is valid up to 18 months of its issuance.

Can I cancel my Condor flight?

Yes, you can cancel your Condor reservation provided that you abide by the terms and conditions of the cancellation. The airline provides a full refund to travelers who successfully cancel the reservation within a week or more before the flight’s departure.

Can I get a refund from Condor Airlines?

The airline also processes the refund within 7-20 business days of the request submission. The Condor refund time depends on the payment method you used to book the ticket. If you booked your ticket paying check, you need to wait up to 20 working days to receive a refund. But, if you booked the ticket paying via cash or credit, the refund reflects in your account within seven working days.

You need to visit the official website and follow the cancellation process to get to the refund request link. Submit the link and wait for confirmation from the airline’s side.

Condor Airlines Refund Policy

Below highlighted is an overview of the refund policy; check them out:

  • First off, if you booked an e-ticket, you need to contact the airline’s reservation center to process the cancellation and refund.
  • For Basic Economy ticket holders, the airline allows you to cancel the reservation only if you do it within 24 hours of the booking. If you fail to do so, the airline exempts you from any refund.
  • The airline deducts the applicable charges if you cancel a non-refundable ticket. But, you get the recalculated amount in your registered account.
  • On the other hand, if you have a refundable ticket, the airline lets you cancel the reservation anytime and receive the eligible refund.
  • You get a full refund if the airline cancels your reservation and fails to arrange a new flight, eventually disrupting your itinerary.
  • You can only request a refund from Condor online if you booked the ticket directly from the airline.

So, the Condor Airlines refund policy covid 19 intents to benefit the travelers in the time of these hazardous scenarios. Before processing it, consider the mentioned terms and conditions for both situations- cancellation and refund. However, if you face trouble with canceling or processing the refund request, you can contact the airline’s professionals. The agents can guide you efficiently with the steps and even process the formalities on your behalf. Furthermore, you might have to pay administration fees and other applicable charges in that case.


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