How Do I Cancel My Thai Airways Flight Ticket

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An All-Inclusive Guide to Look Forward To Canceling Thai Airways Reservations

Thai Airways keeps updating its policy to improve the booking experience for its travelers. The airline makes it easier for the passengers facing travel-related issues and helps them cancel their reservations hassle-free. The thought of cancellation leaves everyone in a dilemma due to the imposed charges and uncertainty of refunds. But, that is not the case with Thai Airways.

If you abide by the terms and conditions mentioned by the airline, you can lead a smooth cancellation procedure. So, if you need detailed information about how do I cancel my Thai Airways flight ticket, you are reading just the right article. Check out the cancellation formalities and policies simplified for your understanding!

Ways to Cancel A Ticket at Thai Airways

Below mentioned are the major steps involved in canceling the flight ticket for your convenience:

  • Choose your preferred search engine to browse the Thai Airways official website.
  • Start with selecting the location and language on the homepage to get assistance in your locale.
  • Now navigate and choose the Manage My Accounts tab and select the View All Booking section.
  • Provide credentials and access the reservation you wish to cancel.
  • Tap on the Cancel tab button and review the Consent Page; once you review the booking, select the proceed tab.
  • Confirm the Thai Airways cancellation by clicking on the Yes tab and then let the airline evaluate the Refund value.
  • If satisfied, submit the refund request and wait for confirmation.
  • The airline sends you the cancellation and refund request submission invoice on the email you registered while booking the ticket.

You can use the same invoice to track the refund status; however, not all the tickets qualify for free cancellation or full refund. Check out the upcoming sections to find more information on canceling the ticket and retrieving a refund.

Can I get a refund on my Thai Airways flight?

Thai Airways allows you to find a desirable refund if your flight ticket qualifies for the same. The refund depends on the fare rule applied while you book the ticket and other external factors. You get a full refund if the airline cancels your reservation, provided that your itinerary is disrupted and is no further fruitful. You can contact the airline to check your ticket's eligibility for a refund.

Can I cancel my Thai Airways?

You can successfully cancel your reservation for free if you complete the cancellation formalities within 24 hours of the original booking. The airline might require you to pay the cancellation charges if you opt for the same beyond the risk-free period. The eligibility to cancel a reservation also depends on why you are canceling the ticket in the first place.

Thai Airways validates your reason for cancellation and then helps you complete the procedure without any trouble. You can cancel your reservation online, and if it doesn't seem feasible, you can talk to Thai Airways’ executives to process the same on your behalf. But in that case, you need to pay the administration charges; keep the method based on your convenience!

What is the cancellation fee for Thai Airways?

The cancellation fee you pay at Thai Airways depends on the ticket type you purchase from the airline. If you booked a Flexi Saver fare, the airline requires you to pay between $200 and 250. Additionally, if you have a Flexi Saver Plus ticket, you need to pay the cancellation charges ranging between $100-250, depending on the time of cancellation.

Moving on, if you have a Full Flexi fare and Royal Silk Plus, the airline imposes cancellation charges between $100-250. Furthermore, when you book a Basic Flexi ticket, the cancellation charges lie between $200 and $250. The airline deducts the cancellation charges and credits the rest to the registered account number.

Thai Airways Refund Policy

The refund you get depends on the cancellation reasons:

When the airline cancels due to natural calamities.

  • If your chosen Thai flight is canceled due to natural calamities, the airline is not liable to provide any compensation.
  • The airline is only obligated to provide you with a seat, but it is also subject to availability.

When the airline cancels due to ordinary causes.

  • In case of a cancellation due to common reasons, the airline must provide the travelers with free food and complimentary refreshments.
  • Also, you might be able to snap out free accommodation, a travel voucher for future use, and a reschedule to the next available flight.

When you cancel the reservation.

  • The airline’s refund policy states that you can get a full refund if you cancel the reservation due to any unavoidable reasons.
  • But, if you unknowingly cancel the reservation, the airline requires you to pay the applicable cancellation charges.

Thai Airways Cancellation Policy

Below highlighted are the essential cancellation policy points that every traveler must keep in mind:

  • If you bought a package from Thai Airways, you must cancel the whole package as per the policy.
  • If you are marked a No Show, the airline cancels your reservation and uses the full fare as the cancellation charge.
  • Also, if you used the ticket, you cannot expect any refund, be it full or partial. Also, the airline does not provide refunds for the services included in the booking.
  • The refunds you get are subject to the terms and conditions applied by the airline’s authority regarding the cancellations or changes.
  • You can only cancel your Thai Airways ticket online or by using its customer service if you booked the ticket originally from either of the sources.
  • If a travel agent booked the ticket for you, you need to contact them for the cancellation and refund formalities.
  • The airline credits the refund money in the original payment form as the traveler used to pay for the ticket purchase.

So, you must keep the points highlighted above in mind if you wish to cancel. Complying with the cancellation terms and conditions can help you skip paying the cancellation charges, and who doesn't want that, right?

Are Thai Airways flights refundable?

Yes, Thai Airways flight tickets are refundable. But, if applicable, you need to clear all the dues to qualify for a refund. The airline credits the refund in your registered account after deducting the payable amount within three weeks of the cancellation.

However, if you cancel the reservation on the same day of the booking, the airline provides you a full refund within 20 business days of the request submission.


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