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Nouvelair Airlines is a Tunisian carrier airline. It is a small airline that operates charters from the cities of Europe to Tunisia’s resorts. Customers can encounter certain situations where they might have to cancel their flights. Nouvelair understands this and permits its customers to cancel their flights if they have some emergency. Suppose you made a reservation with Nouvelair and must cancel it for inevitable reasons. Now you must wonder how do I cancel my flight on Nouvelair. You should read the given article to know the answer to this query. You can learn about Nouvelair cancellation and refund by reading the full article. 

What is the cancellation policy of Nouvelair?

Before heading towards the cancellation process, you should know about the rules that you should abide by to cancel a flight. Every passenger should learn about the Nouvelair Cancellation Policy before proceeding to cancel their flight. The following is the policy that you should know about. 

  • Nouvelair Airlines allows customers to cancel their flight for free within 24 hours of making the booking. After 24 hours, they are required to pay a cancellation fee. 

  • The cancellation fee varies as per the type of ticket one holds and how much time is left for departure. 

  • Customers receive a confirmation email post-cancellation. So they must ensure that they have received the mail or not. 

  • If passengers cancel a refundable ticket, they are eligible for a refund. 

  • Sometimes the airline has to cancel a flight due to some out-of-control reasons, such as weather. According to the Nouvelair cancellation policy due to weather, passengers can claim compensation for the unused part of the ticket. In fact, the airline also helps them to rebook a flight. 

  • Nouvelair informs passengers of any flight delays or cancellations in advance and assigns the contract of carriage to another airline. 

  • If cancellation takes place after 14 days prior to departure, the airline provides passengers with alternative travel modes. 

How to cancel your Nouvelair flight online?

It is very simple to cancel your flight online, as no third person is involved. You can cancel your Nouvelair flight under its Manage Booking option. Follow the given instructions to learn how to cancel your flight online. 

  • You are supposed to open the website of the airline,

  • Click the ‘Manage’ tab on the homepage and enter your reservation number and full name. Search for your flight, and the respective details will show up.

  • You should select the cancel trip option from the below menu and provide a reason for cancellation. 

  • Pay the cancellation fee to complete the cancellation process. 

  • You will get a confirmation email on your registered email ID. 

What is the offline procedure to cancel a Nouvelair flight?

The offline method of canceling Nouvelair flights is as simple and quick as the online method. You just have to call the customer service number, +33 1 87 64 10 00. You will hear the below IVR options.

  • Press 1 to book a flight.
  • Press 2 to cancel your flight.
  • Press 3 to get a flight upgrade.
  • Press 4 for baggage-related issues.
  • Press 5 for other issues.

You should listen to the IVR menu properly and tap the correct key on your phone. Follow the further instructions carefully. Pay the cancellation fee to complete the cancellation process. You will receive a confirmation email from the airline. 

Can I cancel a Nouvelair flight within 24 hours?

Yes, the airline permits its customers to cancel their flights within 24 hours of making the booking. As per Nouvelair Cancellation Policy 24 hours, customers are eligible for a full refund irrespective of the type of ticket they hold if they cancel their booking within 24 hours. 

How much is the cancellation fee for Nouvelair?

After knowing the cancellation process as well as the policy, you should also know the Nouvelair cancellation fee that you have to pay. The cancellation fee can vary between 100 USD and 500 USD after the 24-hour risk-free period. 

How To Get a Nouvelair Refund?

Nouvelair Airlines refunds the booking amount for canceled flights. You can request a refund at the time of cancellation itself or even by contacting customer service. Both methods are discussed below. Go through them carefully to get a better understanding. 

  • You should visit the airline’s website through the link mentioned above. 

  • In the next step, click Manage Booking and enter your correct details. 

  • When the booking details open, you should select the ‘cancel trip’ option.

  • You should give a reason for canceling the flight. At this stage, you should tick the refund checkbox, and a refund form will open.

  • You should fill out the refund form and check all the details before submitting it. 

  • Your refund will be highlighted in your bank account within a few weeks. 

What is the refund policy of Nouvelair?

Before submitting a refund request, you should be aware of the rules that you should keep in mind. You can get a refund as per the Nouvelair Refund Policy only. The following is the refund policy of the airline that you must be aware of. 

  • The Nouvelair refund policy is applicable to all customers irrespective of the ticket type they possess. 

  • Passengers get a full refund if they cancel their booking within 24 hours of making the purchase. 

  • All types of fares are included in the 24-hour refund policy, i.e., refundable and non-refundable. 

  • If the 24-hour time period is exceeded, only customers holding a refundable ticket will get a full or some part of the booking amount. 

  • Customers get a full refund if the airline cancels the flight.



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