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Air Astana Airlines group is located in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Air Astana provides its services for 40 international and domestic routes from its central hub Almaty International Airport and its other hub Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport. If you are flying with Air Astana, then they will make your journey memorable but, Due to some circumstances, you must cancel your flight ticket. If you want to ask how I cancel a flight on Air Astana, read the information and get complete details on this page. The cancellation process is time-consuming and hectic when you don't prefer to travel at a specific date and time.

What is the Air Astana cancellation policy?

Suppose you have reserved a flight ticket with Air Astana. In that case, you are lucky because Air Astana has modified its Cancellation policy in the past years to make its customer experience hassle-free and time-saving. 

  • If you cancel your flight ticket after 24 hours of the purchase, you can get a refund according to your fare type, class of service( Economy or Business), and fare basis code.

  • Airlines also offer a full refund or travel credits in exceptional cases per the Air Astana cancellation policy. You can use these travel credits for your next booking with Air Astana. Also, you have to use these travel credits within a year.

  • During the cancellation of a particular flight seat, the customer needs to cancel their reservation before the check-in time. If you have failed to do so with the check-in time, additional Air Astana cancellation charges will be applied to your refund amount.

Can I cancel and refund my Air Astana flight?

Yes, the passengers are allowed to make cancellations in the flight anytime before the scheduled flight departure of their flight ticket. The process of making the changes in the flight ticket is mentioned here as follows.

  • You can visit their official website, login into your account, and click on the Manage & Booking tab at the top of the homepage.

  • Now Click on the Manage My Booking tab and fill out your Surname and booking reference number.

  • Now click the COVID information guidelines box. After that, click the Next tab to proceed further.

  • Click on the Cancel tab to cancel your booking.

  • You will get a refund amount displayed on your screen and if you agree with the given refund, click on "Confirm my Selection" to get a refund. You will get a refund within 7-10 business days to your original payment account.

Canceling reservation via phone call

You can cancel your reservation via phone. also, all you have to do to dial their customer care number and follow the IVR instruction-

  • Ask them to connect with the airline executive.

  • Give them your reference number for the cancellation of the flight.

  • The agent will inform you whether your booking is eligible for cancellation or not and will tell you if you want a refund amount or travel credits.

Canceling reservations from Airport

You can also visit the Airport and ask them to cancel your flight ticket.

  • Go to the Air Astana ticket cancelation counter and tell them your 13-digit ticket number.

  • Also, customers can only cancel their flight 3 hours before departure time. If you cancel it after the given time, you have to pay a No-Show fee and the cancellation fee.

How can I cancel my Astana flight without a cancellation fee?

  • Customers can cancel their reserved flight ticket within 24 hours of the purchase. The departure window should be seven days or more from the date of purchase. It will save you from paying the cancellation fee. 

  • If the Air Astana flight is delayed more than 3 hours from scheduled departure, the passengers decide to cancel their flight ticket. In that case, the cancellation fee is refundable.

  • If the airline denies you are boarding due to excessive booking.

What is Air Astana Cancellation Fee?

Air Astana cancellation fee depends on the class of flight reservation and time of cancellation. For more information, you can visit their official website and read more about the cancellation fee policy.

Air Astana Refund Policy

You are planning to Fly with Air Astana to meet your loved ones or attend a business meeting, but unfortunately, you had to cancel your flight due to some circumstances. If you are worried about how will you get a refund from Air Astana? Don't stress over it so much, as all your questions will get answered here. Read the article below to learn about the Air Astana refund policies and other necessary details.

Air Astana refund policy

Air Astana has modified its policies for the betterment of its customers in past years. Here is all the information you need before filing for a refund.

  • Air Astana offers 24 hours cancellation policy. It offers customers to cancel their flight tickets within 24 hours window from the purchase if they had made the reservations seven days prior or more from the departure day.

  • If the passenger cancels the flight ticket after 24 hours of the purchase, they have to pay some penalty that will depend on the fare rule of Air Astana to get a refund.

  • Air Astana has prescribed a cancellation fee of $100 to $500 for domestic and international flights.

  • If you have to cancel your flight due to involuntary circumstances, i.e., if the airline denies boarding due to excessive passengers, Delaying your flight for more than 3 hours from Air Astana end will make to eligible to get a full refund.

  • If you are canceling due to the illness or death of a passenger or family member, then the airline will provide you with a full refund. For that, You have to submit official supporting documents. 

As per the Air Astana refund covid rules, 

If you haven't taken an RT PCR test for Covid within 24 hours of departure, and you take an Antigen test at the airport, and it came positive, the airline will deny you boarding, but you will get a full refund for your flight ticket.


The airline will provide a full refund if your flight is canceled due to Covid protocols.

How to get refund from Air Astana

If you have canceled your flight voluntarily and want to apply for a cancellation and refund, you can directly visit the Air Astana website  and follow the given steps.

Go to the "Book & Manage" option on the homepage and select "Manage my Booking."

  • Now fill out your surname and booking reference number.

  • Tick the COVID protocols guidelines and click Next

  • You'll be able to see flight details select your flight, and click cancel. 

  • Your refundable amount will be displayed on the screen if you agree with the given amount; click "Confirm my Selection."

  • Your refund will get initiated. 

To check your refund status, do the following steps

  • Click on the "Book & Manage" option on their homepage.

  • Select the "Online Refund" option.

  •  You will be able to see the refund form.

  • Fill out all the information for confirmation and click Next.

  • You will be able to see your refund status on the screen.

How long does it take to get a refund from Air Astana?

If you had booked a flight ticket from Air Astana but had to cancel it and applied for a refund already, these situations will decide how much time it will take to get a refund of your booking.

  • If you have paid through an internet banking system, the refund will be processed to your used card within 5-7 days.

  • If you have paid through partner bank branch QIWI and Касса 24 terminals, your refund will be processed the same day of request from any Air Astana ticket office.

  • If you have paid through a Sberbank branch, your refund will be processed within 5-7 days.


To know more about the refund policy, you can visit their official website or contact their customer service number. They are available 24*7 to assist you.



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