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Avianca Cancellation Policy

Avianca airlines also provide services according to the needs of the passengers. Hence you can avail of all the services online at their website. Because of unexpected situations, passengers need to cancel the flight with no extra charges. Hence to proceed with the cancellation, you need to understand the terms and conditions of 24 hours cancellation that is mentioned below:

  • If you proceed with Avianca cancellation within 24 hours of the purchase, you don’t need to pay cancellation charges. But for that, you must have purchased the flight at least seven days before the departure.
  • Once you cancel the flight after 24 hours, you need to pay the charges that will calculate according to the type of ticket and time left for the departure.
  • Some passengers frequently face the death of a family member; in that case, Avianca offers the complete compensation of flight cancellation with no extra charges.
  • If you cancel the unused part of the ticket, you will be charged fees for the unused part of the ticket accordingly.
  • You are supposed to cancel the flight ticket online if you purchase it online, and all the tickets purchased with online travel agencies should be canceled with themselves.

Avianca Cancellation Fees:

If you cancel an Avianca flight within 24 hours of the purchase, you will not be charged Avianca cancellation costs. After 24 hours, you need to pay the charges according to your difference in the type of flight and departure time. Avianca charges approximately $100 to $200, which will be deducted from the original fare, and the rest will be credited back to your original payment source. Non-refundable flights will get the travel credit after subtracting the cancellation cost. You can also ask about the cancellation charges with the customer service team of Avianca. 

How To Cancel the Avianca Flight?

When you gain the knowledge of flight cancellation policy, you can proceed to cancel the ticket online using the given steps in less time:

  • First, you are required to open the Avianca airlines official website on your device at any preferred search portal.
  • Then, you need to head towards the manage your booking portal given at the top of the screen.
  • At there, you need to enter the correct booking confirmation code with your last name and tap on the continue button.
  • With this, you will get a new page on which you can see all the booking details of your upcoming journeys.
  • You are required to select the flight you want to cancel and hit on cancel flight button from the given options.
  • A new page will be open at which you will find all the cancellation details with the final amount after deducting the charges.
  • At last, you need to review the itinerary and hit on continue button to complete the process.
  • Your Avianca flight will immediately be canceled, and receive the confirmation message at your registered email id with the cancellation number.

For more information, you can reach the customer service team of Avianca airlines and cancel your flight in less possible time.

Overall Information About the Avianca Refund Policy

Refund is one of the most talked-about topics among travelers from across the globe. Travelers must have refund-related information in order to have a proper refund experience as far as their Avianca reservation is concerned. Let us consider some of the most frequently asked questions along with How long does Avianca take to refund in order to comprehend the entire refund process for Avianca reservations.

How To File Refunds at Avianca Airlines?

Avianca offers refunds in the following ways that are:

  • Online refunds 
  • Offline refunds. 

Online refunds are available at Avianca via the refund request form. Passengers need to fill in the details of the Avianca airlines refund request form to file refunds at the airline. A professional will get back to you at the earliest.

Travelers will receive a refund reference number on the registered email address or phone number. Keep this code handy to get instant refund-status-related information online via the official website.

Offline refunds are also available via support from the customer service department. Dial the customer service hotline to get help and support with Avianca refunds. You can also communicate with the customer service live person to get refund-related assistance and help. You can also inquire about the refund status of your canceled reservation via live chat. 

What is the Avianca Refund Policy?

Passengers must go through the Avianca airlines refund terms and conditions in order to have a smooth refund experience as far as the flight reservation is concerned. The inclusions of the Avianca refund policy are as follows: 

  • Refunds are offered for refundable as well as non-refundable flights reserved with Avianca airlines.
  • Passengers can file online and offline refunds at Avianca. Refunds are generated at once after successful filing. 
  • Passengers need to wait for about 5 to 7 working days for the amount to reflect in their original payment source. 
  • Future travel credit is available upon the cancellation of a non-refundable flight reserved with Avianca airlines. 
  • A cancellation charge is deducted from the refunds amount if applicable. You will get notified on your registered email address about the deductions.

Can I connect with the Avianca customer service team for refunds?

Travelers can communicate with the customer service department via the Avianca refund phone number to get ample assistance and support with flights reserved with the airlines. Passengers can dial the helpline number and travelers will hear an automated voice on call delivering prompts. Select an appropriate option from the list of options to connect with someone from the customer service department for support.

Travelers can also drop an email on the customer service email address to get a reply from a professional working at Avianca for help.

How Long Does Avianca Take To Refund?

Travelers can file refunds online and e refunds are generated at once however, it may take around 7 to 10 working days for the amount to reflect in your Avianca account or the original payment source.

Passengers can confirm with the customer service department by reaching out to a customer service professional at Avianca for help and support with online or offline refunds. Navigate to the official website for more details.


Several passengers come up with queries about claiming a refund from the airline. They usually book flight tickets with Avianca Airline and then try to cancel their flight tickets due to circumstances when they cannot travel to another country or location. In this situation, they want a refund for Avianca Airlines Canceled Flights and want to know the procedure to get a refund for their canceled flight tickets. They also have the facility to provide facilities for their passengers to claim a refund.

If you want to claim a refund from the airline, then there are some points that you have to follow the Avianca Airlines Cancellation process to get your refund back from the airline. The procedures to cancel and get a refund are as follows:

  •  First, you have to go to the internet browser to sign in to the airline's official website. 
  • On the home screen, tap on the Manage my Trip option, and you have to click on the cancel my flight option.
  • On the new page, you will see the tabs where you have to enter your PNR number and last name of the travelers and click on the cancel button.
  • Once you have canceled your tickets, you have to immediately move to the Request a Refund option on the website's homepage.
  • Fill out the tabs with the appropriate information, and submit the form.
  • If the airline accepts your form for a refund, you will receive your refund credited to your account.

Avianca Airlines has the instant facility to get Avianca Airlines Refund for canceled flight tickets. If it takes a long time to get a refund on the traveler's account, it will take a maximum of 7 working days to get the refund back on their account.

The flight cancelation charges vary from tickets to tickets booked by the travelers. Cancelation charges in Avianca Airlines are different for various flights that are around $80 to $150.

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