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Know About ANA Airlines Cancellation Policy 

Are you wondering about the cancellation policy released by Ana airlines? You have landed at the exact right place. Let us consider the cancellation policy and other things related to cancellation in association with Ana airlines. 

Ana airline's cancellation policy allows passengers a scope to have a smooth experience as far as cancellations with the airline are concerned. One of the best ways to cancel your flight reserved with Ana airlines is to follow and abide by the cancellation policy put in place by the airline for cancellations and refunds are concerned. 

Let us consider some of the key pointers of the ANA cancellation policy: 

  • Passengers can cancel their flight 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure of the flight. 

  • Passengers can cancel their flight reservations online or offline via the website or by talking to an expert at the airline. 

  • A cancellation charge does not apply to tickets purchased until 55 days prior to the departure date. 

  • 30 percent of the ticket fare is charged as a cancellation in case the tickets are canceled within 54 to 45 days prior to departure. 

  • 40 percent of the ticket fare is charged as a cancellation in case the tickets are canceled within 44 to 28 days prior to the departure date. 

  • 50 percent of the ticket fare is charged as a cancellation in case the ticket is canceled within 27 to 14 days prior to the departure of the flight. 

  • 60 percent of the ticket fare is charged as a cancellation in case the ticket is canceled within 13 days prior to the departure of the flight. 

  • If you cancel your flight reservation after the departure from the flight, the entire fare amount is charged as a cancellation fee by the airline. 

One of the best ways to eliminate the cancellation charge levied by the airline is, Ana 24 hours cancellation policy comes to play. As per the 24 hours cancellation policy, passengers can change/modify or cancel their reservations within 24 hours of making the initial reservation with the airline. 

How To Cancel ANA's Flight? 

Ana flight cancellations can be done online or offline. Passengers can stick to the step-by-step guide in order to cancel their Ana flight reservation. 

  • Open your web browser and navigate to the official Ana airlines website. 

  • Once you have reached the homepage, passengers need to select the trips to option on the page. 

  • Select the manage my booking option in order to access your reservation made with Ana airlines. 

  • A new page will pop up on the screen, enter a few details that are absolutely required such as your booking reference number or PNR along with your last name. Hit the submit option on the page. 

  • You will find your reservation on the next page, select the flight booking you wish to cancel or change. 

  • Select the cancel flight option on the page. 

  • Complete the payment on the next window if applicable. 

Travelers will receive a cancellation confirmation email or text on their registered email address or phone number. Keep the cancellation confirmation code handy for refund purposes. Use the cancellation code to fill in a refund request form in the case of a refund with Ana airlines. 

Offline ANA Flight Cancellation Mode. 

Passengers can cancel their flight booking by reaching out to the customer service representative working with the airline. 

One of the best ways to connect with the customer service department is via the helpline number. Access the contact details on the official website under the contact us section on the page. Speak with customer service personnel about canceling your flight reservation. 

Travelers can also leave an email subject to be received by the customer service team at the airline. Compose an email requesting the cancellation of your flight reserved with Ana. A customer service executive will get back to you at the earliest. 

Passengers can also contact a live person at the airline to cancel their flight. Access the live chat option online on the website via the contact us option on the page. 

How Much Does It Cost To Cancel an ANA Flight Reservation? 

The Ana cancellation charges are somewhere around USD 100 to 400. If you need to cancel your flight reservation you need to pay the cancellation charge to the airline. Follow the 24 hours cancellation policy in order to eliminate the cancellation charge for canceling your Ana flight reservation.

How can I get a Refund from ANA Airlines?

At ANA Airlines, travelers will get the best deals and offer to travel abroad without any issue because they will be getting comfortable seats, entertainment facilities, and hygienic meals, and they will be provided with the facility of best crew member services inboard from the time of board till you reach to your destination. But, there have been some unconditional circumstances or situations due to which passengers opt to cancel their ANA Airlines ticket.

So, in such matters that interrupt is bad weather like thunderstorms and heavy rainfall that stops the schedule timing of flights from taking off from the airport. In such instances, the most appropriate option that a passenger selects is canceling their flight ticket to get their refunds.  So, in such a matter, you must go through this section to know about How To Get Refund From ANA Airlines, because with these below points you will efficiently get refunds on time. 

  • Go to the official website of the airline 
  • Then it would help if you move into my trip section
  • Here you enter your ticket reference number with the last name of the passenger 
  • After which you select your current ticket and hit over cancel option
  • Now you proceed with the ticket canceling on-screen prompts;
    • Next, you have to open the manage booking tab again
    • Within here enter canceled ticket number and travelers surname credential
    • Move to the refund application tab and first, enter the contact details 
    • After this, select your trip type 
    • Then click on the menu tab wherein you must select one option for refund reason 
    • After that, describe it within 1000 characters and click on submit tab, and last, you will receive a confirmation mail.

Information about ANA Airlines Refund Policy?

After you opt to cancel your flight, you must be well aware of ANA Airlines Refund Policyunder which you will get appropriate information about its policies.

  • The passengers are offered a full refund as per ANA refund policy if you cancel the ticket within 24 hours of purchase.
  • But if you cancel a ticket after the risk-free period, you will have to pay a cancellation fee and a penalty depending upon the routes and departure date.
  • Or if passengers face a delayed flight of over 3 hours or a canceled flight less than 14 days before departure, then customers have the right to get a compensation amount as per refund policy.

Guide over ANA Airlines Refund Fee?

Suppose you cancel your ANA flight ticket for a refund position. In that case, you must know about ANA Airlines Refund Fee, which will be refunded back to you that completely depends upon your booked fare type and destination you chose for travel. To get further information regarding the refund fee of the ANA flight ticket, you should contact the customer service team for proper assistance.

Important points to ANA Airlines refund due to COVID?

If your travel plan is under the COVID situation, you must be well aware of ANA Airlines refund due to covid, because then only you would be able to execute the refund process.

  • If a passenger cancels a ticket due to a COVID situation, then full refunds will get credited 
  • Moreover, due to COVID, the customer will not pay any cancellation charges under 24 hours or beyond that time 
  • Further customers are provided with the option to reschedule their flight without paying any charge


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