Que prueba de Covid requiere American Airlines para viajar a Estados Unidos

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What Covid test does American Airlines require to travel to the United States?

You have to be careful about safety when traveling. If you are planning to have a trip in the US with an American airline, then you should know about the covid requirements you need to have. If you want to know what  Covid test do American airlines require? , then you should read this information at the end. You will learn about the covid policy and covid requirements to pay attention to before traveling with the airline.

All covid requirements.

You must ensure that you have all the covid requirements that the airline may ask of you. You must know the  PCR Test to travel American Airlines , since it is the most important requirement that can help you catch the flight. Read more covid requirements in the next steps.

  • To travel to the United States, you must have a negative RT-PCR report with certification of two vaccination doses. In addition, you must present it within 72 hours prior to the departure of the flight.
  • To travel with the US airline, you must submit the negative covid test report or you must submit the health and travel forms.
  • The covid report must be approved by the valid healthcare organization.
  • You must submit the recovery report if you have recently recovered from covid and now have a negative covid report.
  • Once you arrive at the designation and have had covid symptoms, you should know that you should not use public transportation until 14 days after your arrival.

Covid tests endorsed by American Airlines

If you feel any symptoms at the time of travel, you should go to the quarantine station provided by the airport authority. There, at the quarantine station, the airport authority will  retest him for covid to travel to the United States  in all three phases and will allow him to travel. If you have been tested for covid a long time ago, the airline will certainly check your covid status in the covid cabin. The passenger will immediately obtain a covid report in the covid cabin, and must present the negative report to the airport authority in order to be allowed to take the flight. 

Covid endorsed by American Airlines

To travel to the United States, you must be aware of the certification form that you must fill out. The United States government tells you to fill out the certification form given by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and that it is required for those over 2 years of age. This is the  Covid endorsed by American Airlines , in which it is said that proof of vaccination against covid is presented and all the requirements that are necessary to fly with the airline are also confirmed.

Pay attention to these requirements.

Passengers should know that when they arrive at their preferred destination, they must take care of their safety. Here you need to know the  American Airlines Travel Requirements  that the negative covid report must have. For this you must wear a face mask. Suppose you have covid symptoms on the trip, you will need to be tested for covid on arrival to leave the airport. You will need to be retested for covid at a particular destination as it is required per airline guidelines. You should know that each and every passenger will be taken into account.


All the necessary covid requirements are mentioned here, once you have all the knowledge of this you can easily travel in the USA. Also by reading all this you will  know what Covid test does American Airlines require to travel to the United States? , and what you will need to present to the airport authority. You must follow all airline guidelines related to covid and have a safe trip.