Cómo sé qué equipaje puedo llevar en Avianca

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If you are going to fly with avianca but you have no idea of ​​the baggage allowance on avianca. So this is the most important thing to know.

Everyone is informed of the query, "How do I know what luggage I can take on Avianca?"

Passengers must have all the knowledge about the luggage, so you must read the avianca luggage policy and know what luggage you can take inside the flight.

hand luggage

Passengers can bring one personal item or one standard bag onto the flight and it is free of charge. You should know that personal items can be a laptop, briefcase, handbag, camera bag, etc. You should also know that if you carry extra luggage you will have to pay some additional charges. 

  • For the bag there is a weight and size limit, the maximum weight of the bag is set at 10 kilos.
  • The dimensions of the bag must not exceed 55 cm in height, 35 cm in length and 25 cm in width, and also includes the handles and wheels of the bag.

checked baggage

  • A stand-up bag can be taken when traveling, but the weight of the bag for economy class must be 23kg and for business class the maximum weight is 32kg.
  • And the bag dimension should be less than 158cm, and if overweight bag size is exceeded, passengers need to pay extra baggage charges.

What luggage does the Avianca m rate include?

Aviance's baggage fee depends on the class of travel or the route. The airline allows economy class travelers to carry one checked bag and business class travelers to carry two checked bags. But also in this case, Avianca has established limits for the weight and size of the bag. The weight of the suitcase must be less than 23 kg in economy class and 32 kg in business class. 

What luggage is included with Avianca?

Each passenger of the avianca airline can carry a personal item or carry-on bag and there is no charge for this baggage. The weight of the carry-on baggage must be less than 22 pounds, that is, 10 kilograms, and the external dimension of the bag must be less than 45 inches, including (height+length+width).

How many suitcases can be carried in Avianca 

You can take 23 kg with you at the time of check-in at the airport. What is equal to 158 centimeters is the standard measure of luggage that a person can take with them without paying any extra money out of pocket to be able to take them on the plan and enjoy their trips with avianca airlines. And you can also take 10 kg of luggage as carry-on with yourself to plan. Hand luggage dimensions are 55cmx35cmx25cm. if you carry your hand baggage more than this given weight when you have to pay a charge to carry the hand baggage yourself into the aircraft cabin.

What type of luggage can be carried on Avianca?

the type of this items you can carry a person in the plan in your bag. You can bring special items like diaper bag, crib and stroller and other baby things. and for adults a person can carry orthopedic devices, wheelchair, walker, crutches, canes and other similar things.

Medical things can also be carried with the person traveling on the plane.

 For example, portable oxygen concentrators, airway pressures, dialysis devices that you have batteries properly packed with them.

allowed liquids 

You are allowed to carry liquid items with you, such as sprays, gels and water in a clear bottle or any other container, but you must not exceed the limit which is no more than 1 liter of water.

How much does it cost to take an extra suitcase on Avianca airlines?

An additional weight between 50 pounds to 70 pounds, which is 23-32 kg, will be charged USD $210 per bag. According to Avianca Airlines policies.

The charges for taking the additional weight with you will be from 32 kg to 45 kg and will vary more, since the weight is also high, and will be USD $260 per bag at the time of the check-in process at the airport.

These are the given charges of the baggage that can be carried, but these may vary since due to the covid, the policies of the avianca airlines have been changed at the time of your trip, so for a better view, contact customer service customer through calls, the website, live chat, social networks, email and visiting the help desk at a nearby Avianca office. 

Qué equipaje está permitido en la aerolíneas de Avianca

Los artículos que no se pueden llevar con una persona en el avión primero es que el equipaje no debe exceder el peso indicado del equipaje; de lo contrario, debe pagar una tarifa. No se permite llevar ningún artículo filoso con usted, por ejemplo, un cortauñas, un cuchillo, un encendedor, unas tijeras y otros artículos de cocina que usted tenga un borde filoso y sean dañinos y las herramientas.

Ni usted  siquiera puede llevar ningún artículo líquido de más de 100 mililitros en el plan con usted mismo o incluso en la sección de cabina del plan. 

Cargo por sobrepeso de equipaje la aerolíneas de  Avianca

El cargo por llevar artículos con sobrepeso en el plan tendrá un alto precio que deberá pagar por maleta. Por ejemplo 50 libras a 70 libras de peso costará USD $100.,70 libras a 1 litres 

Se costarán USD $160 por la  bolsa, menos de 50 libras tendrá un costo de USD $40 por bolsa, si el peso está entre 50 libras y 70 libras, será USD $100 POR BOLSA, si el peso de la maleta adicional es de 70 a 100 libras, tendrá un costo de  USD $160.

Para toda la región, el peso de más de 101 libras será aceptado como equipaje documentado. 

If you don't understand how many bags you take with you or you have still got confused. You can visit the Avianca airlines website and read the policy in the baggage and allowed items section. Or you can give a call to the customer service of avianca airlines directly to know more information about the bag policy of the airline Avianca. By reading the entire article, you will learn about additional baggage fees, items you are not allowed to bring, and other information related to baggage policies and items a person can bring with them to the airport.