Cómo llamar a Viva Aerobús desde Estados Unidos

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Everything we know about how to call Viva Aerobús from the United States

If you face any kind of problem during or after booking, you can directly contact the airline's customer service team for reliable assistance. 

If you book with Viva Aerobus then you are in the right place as you can go through the following options like a phone call, live chat, email and social media contact to connect with the airline. However, the most reliable is a phone call and you want to make a call so you can continue reading the following details of calling Viva Aerobus from the United States. 

How to talk to a Viva Aerobús advisor?

Passengers who wish to speak with the live executive of the airline then the best means of doing so is a phone call and it can be done with the help of 

Viva Aerobús telephone number  866 359 8482  and for a detailed process follow the steps below: 

  • In the first place, call the number that is written in the lines above 
  • After this, a robotic voice will give you instructions that include the following:
  • Inquiries related to flight booking
  • .Change a flight or flight date.Add extra baggage.
  • Queries related to baggage policy.
  • Problems related to billing. Queries related to the change of seat.
  • Once you choose your option you can talk to the executive and to do this press the 8 button and continue with the process 
  • Once the expert responds to your complaint, you can easily consult with the executives. 

In addition to this, you can talk to the experts through various channels and the services of these channels are available 24/7 to check your complaint. 

Live chat 

The passengers who want to get an accurate solution of their problems through the live chat where you can chat with the live person and he will provide you the necessary solutions in every problem that comes during or after the flight reservations.

Social networks 

You can communicate with the airline's customer service through the social media platforms and you can get the links of the airline's official page. However, they are available on the facebook, twitter and instagram pages. In order to use this medium, you have to write your complaint message in the direct message fields and the executives will respond in due time. 

Visit their official office 

There are some people who want personalized assistance and for those passengers the airline offers the option of assistance in their office. Those who want to choose this option can visit her at her office in the United States with the help of the following address: 

Vivaaerobus USA Postal Mail: 

Monterrey International Airport. Terminal C

Miguel Alemán Highway Km. 24.

Apodaca, NL, Mexico. PC 66600

Where can I file a complaint about Viva Aerobús?

Viva Aerobus also offers the email option "atencion.clientes@vivaaerobus.com", where you can very easily contact the customer service team and present your query accordingly. in order to drop an email to customer service and the customer team will reverse it immediately after receiving your email. You can send an email to their official email address and get in touch with them easily via email.

So, that is all about the airline customer service and if you want to get any assistance apart from the above mentioned issues then you can visit their official page with the help of any reliable browser.