Como contacto con las aerolineas TAR

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Get details on how to contact TAR airlines

Regional Air Transport (TAR) is a Mexican airline and founded in 2012, with official headquarters in Querétaro. It is an airline far superior to other airlines and still has the goal of becoming the strongest airline in the country. Passengers can book their flight with this airline to travel without stress and hesitation. Or, travelers can compare the prices of this airline with other airlines to book a cheap flight for their trip and book their flight directly with this airline with no additional fees. This airline provides discounts and the best fares for your trip. the passengers do not know  how do I contact the TAR airlines? Don't worry, there is no problem. it's totally fine. Can do it. Don't give up.

How do I contact TAR airlines?

There are many options to contact customer service of this airline. You can choose an option that is correct and useful for you according to your preference.

*via call.

Passengers prefer this way to communicate or contact the executive of this airline and to obtain information regarding their doubts, questions or for their consultation. You can dial and save the  TAR airlines customer service phone number. Most of the airlines that include this airline also have an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) process for customers. travelers have no idea what IVR is. It's ok, no problem. IVR is a telephone technology system designed for customers to contact the automatic machine through the menu, before communicating with customer service. It is very simple to handle to solve your doubts. It is manageable and convenient for the customers of this airline. Tourists can follow the steps that I have mentioned below for their help and support. You can click the button that is correct for you, after the signal.

*Pulse1- to choose an official language.

*Pulse2- to book your flight.

*Pulse3- to change your flight.

*Pulso4- to manage your trip.

*Pulse5- to know the refund policy.

*Pulse6- to cancel your flight.

*Pulse7- to know the status of your flight.

*Pulse8- to make contact with the executive of this airline

*pulos9- press '#' to restart the menu, again.

They will contact you as soon as possible and answer all your problems as quickly as possible. They will be delighted to assist you. You need to show patience for your Turn. at the end, you can give 'Feedback' to motivate the agents. If this number is not working, you can dial another telephone number  of Aerolinea Tar Monterrey  that you have mentioned on the page of this airline.  

Through social networks

Tourists can communicate with the executive of this airline by using social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp. You can send a message via his Facebook profile, or you can post your complaint on his Twitter profile and tag this airline with him. They will solve your doubts as much as possible. You can find the  Tar Airlines Telephone Reservations  number on their website.

How to communicate with customer service by email?

If it is not comfortable for the call. Passengers have a frequent question  . How do I contact tar airlines by email? You can contact the customer service of this airline via email. this way is also very simple.

*via email.

You can write a mail from your account, in which you can describe your problems, complaints regarding your flight or your seat, how to change your flight, how to book your flight and many more. It's like a written test for travelers. If you want to cancel your reservation, you can mention your phone number, your name and your last name in it. But, this way that requires a lot of time to respond like in 24 or 36 hours, but they will try to give you the solutions as soon as possible.