Como Cancelar Un Vuelo De Easyjet

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Get details on how to cancel an Easyjet flight

If you are looking for the methods to cancel your Easyjet flight, then you have visited the exact website where you will get to know what you are looking for. You will get to learn about the ways through which you can cancel your flight with the proper steps to process. 

Basically, there are two ways to cancel a flight reservation on Easyjet Airlines.

  • Online : If you want to cancel your flight yourself online, then there are two ways to do it. Or you can cancel your flight on the official website of the airline or on its mobile application. The process for both is the same.
    • Enter the airline's website or open its mobile application.
    • Access your account with the credentials (username and password).
    • Go to the "my trips" page and see the list of your upcoming itineraries. 
    • Select the one you want to cancel and click the "cancel" button.
    • Please review it again and click "continue" to confirm.
    • Your flight reservation will be canceled in a short period of time.
  • Call by phone : If you want help to do this, then you can get assistance from an airline customer service representative through a phone call. If you want to cancel your flight reservation through a phone call, then give the airline a call and contact one of their customer service agents. Tell him to cancel your flight by giving your booking details. 
  • At the ticket window : If you want to cancel your flight at the last minute, you can do so at the airport window or at the airline office. Just talk to the ticket staff about your flight cancellation, give them the printout of your plane ticket, and get your flight canceled in a few minutes.

What is EasyJet's policy on canceled flights?

  • According to the policy, you can cancel a plane ticket if you have bought it from the official sources of the airline (website, phone call or window).
  • You will need to contact the travel agency to cancel your reservation, if you have booked the flight with an authorized travel agency.
  • No puede cancelar su billete de avión, si lo había comprado en una fuente no autorizada (aplicaciones de terceros, agencia de viajes local).
  • Tampoco puede anular los billetes de avión que haya comprado en el momento de las rebajas o con descuentos. 
  • Si tiene un billete reembolsable, puede cancelarlo hasta las últimas 4 horas de la salida programada del vuelo.
  • Los billetes no reembolsables sólo se pueden anular hasta 7 días antes de la fecha de salida del vuelo.

¿Puedo cancelar mi vuelo de EasyJet sin cargo?

Yes, you can cancel your plane ticket for free, if you have a refundable plane ticket, if you have taken out travel insurance when making the reservation and, above all, if you cancel your flight within the first 24 hours of purchasing the ticket. ticket (regardless of the type of ticket you are canceling at the time). The airline will charge you if you cancel your flight after the first 24 hours (time allowed). 

Now, after reading all this information, you will be able to cancel your flight with any of the methods you want. To find out the  EasyJet cancellation fee  you can contact the airline's customer service or when you go to process the cancellation, you will know it at that time.